Services To Offer Wellness + Fitness Coaches

December 7, 2020

Services To Offer

This is part three of a four-part series, so make sure to read Part One (all about the services you can offer wedding professionals) and Part Two (services you can offer coaches + educators + speakers), and Part Three (services you can offer product-based business)

One of the fastest-growing industries that are outsourcing is fitness and health + wellness coaches. As a small business or gym owner, they are pressed for time! They have to help clients, create new recipes or content, promote products, and try to get more clients. When I first started as a creative virtual assistant in 2018, one of my early clients was a health coach. We were constantly creating new content, and sharing it with her followers. Her biggest platform wasn’t Instagram like you might think – it was Pinterest! We worked to strategically grow her Pinterest to not just advertise her services, but share her recipes, top workout tips, and training videos.

This list of services can also work for spa owners, yoga studio owners, dance studios and performing arts studios, nutritionists and dietitians, martial arts, and anyone in the health and wellness space.

Quick reminder: You do NOT have to do everything on these lists. In fact, it’s better to niche down to what you are an expert in vs. offering ALL the things. This is just a comprehensive list to get you started, and get your wheels turning!

Services To Offer In-Person Studios + Gyms

Many of the services for in-person studios and individual health coaches will be the same – however, there are some differences since an in-person place will have location-specific needs. This can include gyms, yoga studios, spas, and any wellness business with a location that people go to.

  • Manage membership management software (Zenplanner, Mindbody, Glofox, TeamUp, Rhinofit are some common ones
  • Create new member profiles, suspend profiles, cancellations, and bookings
  • Run reports and sales
  • Updating the team’s calendar and schedules
  • Upload workout programs
  • Collect before and after photos, track client progress
  • Setting up or managing an email newsletter system.  This can include weekly or monthly newsletters.
  • Sending email reminders and follow-ups
  • Responding to emails and customer service inquiries
  • Follow up on no-show appointments
  • Graphic design (brochures, flyers, social media images, etc.)
  • Social media (IG, Facebook, Pinterest. Pinterest is a HUGE platform, especially after the Holiday season and into the New Year!)
  • Managing online communities, like Facebook groups
  • PR management, including press releases, TV appearances, and getting on Podcasts


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Services To Offer Fitness Coaches

Many of the services above will overlap with individual fitness coaches, however, there are a few that might be different.

  • Creating new recipes, documenting them, and creating a blog post, newsletter, and Pinterest graphics on them.
  • Creating new workout videos or tips, and sharing them on a blog post
  • Collecting and sharing client testimonials
  • Assisting with in-person events or pop-ups
  • Inbox and email management
  • Creating and managing Facebook or Google ads
  • Social media management
  • Research on web for the latest superfoods, trending exercises, diet plans, therapies
  • Affiliate marketing – this can include products they use and promote or even Influencer marketing
  • Website updates
  • Manage Video Content and video editing
  • Assisting with quarterly and yearly marketing plans, creating and updating a content calendar
  • Assisting with Webinars and Live chats
  • Pinterest and Tailwind maintenance
  • Landing page creation for promotions
  • Blogging (creating content, maintaining the blog, monitoring comments)

Services To Offer Wellness + Fitness Coaches - The Creative VA Academy