Services To Offer Course Creators, Speakers and Coaches As a Virtual Assistant

November 16, 2020

Services To Offer

I know how overwhelming it can be to figure out what services to offer in your creative virtual assistant business. That is why for the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing the top services to offer certain industries! Last week, I shared the top services for wedding professionals (still need to read it? Catch up, here!). And this week I am sharing the top services to offer coaches, course creators, and speakers!

I chose to group these three together since many of the services and pain points overlap. Remember: As a creative virtual assistant, your job is to offer services that elevate these pain points for your clients! And another quick reminder: You do NOT have to do everything on these lists. In fact, it’s better to niche down to what you are an expert in vs. offering ALL the things. This is just a comprehensive list to get you started, and get your wheels turning.


What To Outsource To a Virtual Assistant: Coaches

Coaches and mentors are often also speakers and course creators. Running a full-time coaching business can be so much work! They have to work 1:1 with clients, run group workshops, while also running the day to day of their business, like sales, marketing, and admin.

  • Content creation for social media
  • Ad campaigns (Social Media and Google Ad Words)
  • Assistance setting up speaking events and webinars
  • Travel management, planning, and assistance
  • Community management – this can include Facebook groups, masterminds, etc.
  • Templates, both for social media, slide shows, handouts, etc.
  • Sales funnel setups.
  • Email newsletters and Freebie Opt-Ins
  • Marketing content and calendar creation
  • Creating and managing lead magnets and Freebie OptIns (common platforms are ConvertKit, FloDesk, and Infusionsoft)
  • Sales and customer support
  • Webinar setup and moderation
  • Group coaching calls setup and moderation
  • Monthly analytics + reports to keep them on track of goals
  • Communication with brands and sponsorships
  • Using influencer networks like Intellifluence, Pixlee, and Mavrck
  • Affiliate marketing setup and management
  • Website updates and maintenance
  • Blogging (creating content, maintaining blog, monitoring comments)
  • Pinterest and Tailwind setup and monthly management
  • Bookkeeping


What To Outsource To a Virtual Assistant: Course Creators

All of the services listed above can also be offered to course creators. Often times, coaches and speakers will offer courses so they can diversify their offerings, and reach a larger audience. On top of the items above, the following can also be offered to course creators!

  • Course creation copy-writing
  • Course creation design assistance (Common platforms: Kajabi, MemberVault, Thinkific, Teachable)
  • Assistance with Membership programs. This can include setup, assisting with monthly content, advertising, marketing, etc. Pretty much every single aspect of a course OR membership can be outsourced to a VA!
  • Video editing. This is so essential and can be a lot of work, so many course creators will outsource! This can include basic editing, cropping, creating intros, etc.
  • Turning a video into a written transcription
  • Creating PDF workbooks that go along with the course
  • Lead generation
  • SEO assistance
  • Student management (can include sending gifts, doing check-ins, running or managing Facebook Groups)
  • PR and Podcast management (getting the course creator on Podcasts and publications)
  • Creating the Slides for the course and workshops (often in Keynote, Canva or Powerpoint)


An example package could be a program launch setup!

This can be a great service, especially if you are familiar with a course program, and newsletter program, and graphic design. This could include:

  • Creating a logo and branding board for the course
  • Landing page promoting the course
  • Setting up a course platform (like Kajabi)
  • Setting up one course inside the platform
  • Writing an email sequence to promote the course (5-10 emails)
  • 5 social media graphics to share to promote the course

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What To Outsource To a Virtual Assistant: Speakers

All of the services above can also be offered to speakers. Below is a further list that is more speaker-related, including travel and management. Many speakers also have Podcasts, so I’ve included some Podcast management services you can offer as well.

  • Researching destinations and travel accommodations
  • Creating travel itineraries, handling all areas of booking for the trip, researching activities to do
  • Creating budget sheets
  • Assisting with work activities on the trip (photoshoots, speaking opportunities etc.)
  • Design surveys, registration cards and handouts for spreading the word about your upcoming engagements to be handed out at events
  • Client gift-giving


  • Audio editing
  • Adding intro/outro music, or additional effects
  • ID3 Tagging for Podcast SEO
  • Creating show notes to share via a blog or other sources
  • Creating social media content from the podcast episode
  • Episode transcription and timestamps
  • Creating graphics including cover images, logo’s, or social content
  • Assisting with sponsorships
  • Assisting with guest speakers


Top Programs You Should Know When Working With Coaches, Course Creators + Speakers

  • Zoom
  • Kajabi, Thinkific, Teachable or MemberVault
  • Showit, Squarespace or WordPress
  • Facebook Group management
  • Slide creation in Keynote, Canva or Powerpoint
  • iMovie or ScreenFlow
  • Newsletter programs like ConvertKit or FloDesk
  • A CRM like Dubsado, Honeybook
  • A project management tool like Asana or Trello
  • WordPress and the Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Lead generation software like Deadline Funnel, Leadpages, Click Funnels, Instapage