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An accelerated program designed to help you launch your profitable Creative Virtual Assistant Business in just 8-weeks!

The freedom to work from anywhere, whether that’s your couch in your living room or a cafe in Tuscany.

A business you were proud of. I mean really dang proud of. That you confidently talked about to everyone you meet. 

You were finally doing a job you loved, working for clients you loved.

You had financial independence and freedom. The ability to earn a stable and reliable income that doesn’t require you to sell a product your not passionate about,

The option to wear your yoga pants to work instead of those uncomfortable high heels.

You had access to an exclusive community of other people in your exact same shoes, looking to build their business the same way.

The flexibility to work on your own schedule, which means more time for friends and family..or just binge watching Netflix.

Have you been dreaming of having a business that gives you…

I'm here to help you make that dream a reality.

How do I know?

Because I've done it myself and have now helped hundreds of others do the same! 

How do you ask?

Well my friend, I’m here to tell you it IS POSSIBLE.

What if it was possible to have all of those things?

By building highly-profitable Creative Virtual Assistant Businesses!

You, too, can go from dream-to-done in just eight weeks - and turn your creative passion into a seriously profitable business.

A Creative Virtual Assistant works with client’s virtually on tasks ranging anywhere from blogging to event planning…and everything in between!

And it comes with quite a few perks!

+Setting your own hours
+Charging higher prices
+Choosing where you want to work from
+Working on tasks you actually enjoy!

Sounds like the a dream business? (Yeah, I agree)

But you might be wondering - “How do I actually make this dream business a reality?”

First things first, let’s get clear on what a creative virtual assistant is and if this is the perfect business option for you.

The signature 8-week accelerated program designed to walk you through setting Your new creative VA business up step-by-step so you are ready to start signing clients and make your money back now!

jenn b.

I feel like there was an “Ah-Ha” moment in almost every module. So much of it helped me structure my business and eliminate all of those "how do I do ____?" so I really felt very prepared when I finally launched my business!

I just want to thank Adrienna for putting this program together. When I built my first business there was so much trial and error that took up so much of my time, and by going through The Creative VA Academy I felt like I just cut through all of that and get up and running so much quicker! I'm so grateful and so excited to launch my new business!”

This group is exclusively for other students, so the group is small and private, allowing you to get answers to your questions and feedback on your business quickly!

After you enroll, finish popping the champagne and celebrating the best decision you will ever make - dive right into your course work and start learning the course material for that week!

When enrollment starts, be sure to save your spot because doors only open a few times per year so you don’t want to miss out!

How It Works

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ariana t.

"I 100% recommend the VA Academy. It helped me walk through so much and Adrienna goes through everything so throughly. The calls are so valuable for you to ask ANYTHING you might have a question on!

I went through the Creative VA Academy in fall of 2021. I was at my full time position during that time and launched my business in February 2022. I made a little over $2500 in just my second month (March 2022)!"

What you get...
- Weekly Course material to walk you through every single step.
- Workbooks that will show you exact action steps and help you grow even quicker.
- A guide to all of the tools and programs you need to become a Virtual Assistant.
- The Resource Library + The Marketing Library. ($1600 value)
- Weekly coaching calls - eight calls!
- Private 8-week Facebook community access.

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...
Bonus #1: 30-day social media outline to get your first month set up, as well as a 30 day launching and marketing plan ($250 value)
Bonus #2: Client questionnaires and forms to help you onboard clients ($800 value)
Bonus #3: Sample contracts, invoice templates and email templates ($550 value)
Bonus #4: A tutorial on how to build your website in Squarespace - in just a few hours! From how to format it, to what to include - it is all in this tutorial. ($500 value)
Bonus #5: A complete blogging mini course that covers how to create the best blog content in both Squarespace + WordPress! PLUS I cover the best SEO strategies for your blog (and how to help your clients blog as well!) ($400 value)
Bonus #6: The Showit Elective: Learn how to design your new Showit site with ease! You will see me create a website for a client in REAL time! You will see it from the very beginning, to the launch.

There is over $3450 in bonus material offered in The Creative VA School!

Here’s what you get instant access too:

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the blogging elective

i will teach you two highly profitable services so you can start offering them right away!


Want to take your existing writing skills and turn them into a full fledged business? Inside The Blogging Elective, you will learn everything you need to master blogging, get clients, and become a Blogging Virtual Assistant.

Inside, you will learn my step-by-step framework that you can use for each and every client. From how to book them on a discovery call, to onboarding them with ease, gathering content (without pulling your hair out!), and setting boundaries.

In 2022, inside my business Ava And The Bee we made $125,000 just from Blogging + Pinterest (with $85K of that just blogging!)

the pinterest elective

how much money can you make?

You love Pinterest, and want to provide it as a service. Inside The Pinterest Elective, you will learn everything you need to master your Pinterest, get clients, and become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

We go through it all: from Pinterest 101, to finding your target market, to Tailwind, to creating beautiful images, and even how to grow and maintain clients. I cut through all the fluff, and give you exact directions.

Inside The School

Here’s what your next life-changing 8 weeks are going going to look like:

Module 1 is about building a foundation of YES mindset. One of the biggest mistakes that new business owners make is not stepping into their greatness + being a business owner (and not an employee!) After week one you will..

- Know what a creative virtual assistant, admin virtual assistant, and social media manager are, and which one you will be.
- Learn the tools and keys to being successful in this industry.
- Set your personal goals for success!

After this module, you will have your mindset for success and your personal goals to build a business you LOVE!

A foundation of YES & being a business owner

week one

You will dive into your dream client - and not just who they are - but HOW you can help them. We will also tap into the skills you already have, and turn them into profitable services that you can offer right away! After module two, you will..

- Go through a guide of over 100 services to offer (including services by specific industries) and find the ones you are ready to offer now.
- Map out your current skill sets and turn your current skills into money-making services.
- Know the software and programs you need to know for each service, and how to learn them.
- Complete market research to find your ideal clients' exact pain points and fine-tune the services you will offer to them. This is hands down one of the biggest things that will set you apart from other creative virtual assistants!

Your dream client & the services to offer

week two

It's time to create services and offers that sell! And best of all: you will map out your finances so you can crush your money goals month after month! After module three, you will..

- Know how to set hourly rates, and how to structure packages that allow for the most profit.
- Have your packages set up, as well as your hourly retainer. I will give you pricing outlines and exactly what to include in each package, so there is zero guesswork!
- Know how to increase your rates while keeping your clients happy.
- Set your financial goals and how much to set aside for profit and expenses. You will go into your business with a better understanding of finances, money, and even taxes!

Pricing, packages & finances

week three

Having a business set up like a real business is essential. This isn't a side hustle, my friend - this is a legal business that you own! You will know exactly how to set up your business, your bank account, how to find the perfect name, and know exactly what your contracts need. At the end of module four, you will have…

- A business name that is unique to you, your social media handles, and your website domain purchased.
- An LLC or a Sole Proprietor (and know the differences!)
- Your EIN number (for those in the U.S)
- A business bank account set up, ready to start making money!
- Your contract ready and made, with resources to find the best contracts.
- Your invoicing system and the easiest ways to get it set up.

Create a solid business foundation

week four

Your brand is more than just colors! You will dive into your messaging to target your dream clients and get them to hire you month after month. This week you will learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd! At the end of module five you will have….

- Your brand elements, from a logo to your colors, and how they will align with your dream clients.
- Learn how to create a brand voice and messaging that is unique to YOU!
- Create your elevator pitch so you can easily share what you do with your potential clients.

Branding & attracting your dream client

week five

Marketing isn't just about getting visible - but about connecting with your ideal client! You will create a complete marketing plan, including your social media strategy. You will also create a website and learn the exact items to include. At the end of module six, you will have…

-Know the right social media platforms that will get you in front of your ideal audience.
-How to create a website that makes you look like a pro but is also complete with SEO! (Yep, you will learn SEO 101 to get you started!)
-Create a cohesive Instagram Strategy and map out 30 days of Instagram posts.

The perfect website & social media

week six

What good are leads if they are not the right one for you? You will learn where and how to find clients and advertise your services so you stand out from the crowd. After module seven, you will have…

- A library of pitches, so you feel confident no matter where you are looking for clients. This includes an in-person networking pitch, your pitch when contacting people in the DM's, and your email pitch.
- A guide of where to find clients and what will work the best for YOU.
- A solid process to pre-screen potential clients so they are the right fit for you.
- How to go into a Discovery Call with confidence (including swipe copy so you know exactly what to ask!)
- Learn common objections and how to overcome them! Objections happen. Learn how to handle them with ease.

Finding the perfect clients

week seven

You are getting clients… now what?! It's time to master client satisfaction and productivity! You will learn how to onboard your clients to ensure a smooth and successful working relationship. At the end of module eight, you will have…

- A solid onboarding process for both you, and your clients.
- Find the perfect task management system for you, so you can keep track of all of your client work.
- Set up solid boundaries so that you don't hit burnout.

Mastering client satisfaction

week eight

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Want an inside look?
Take a sneak peek of The Creative VA school!

Joining The Creative VA Masterclass has been unreal in all the best ways possible. I started out having no idea what a Virtual Assistant could even do and now I'm at the point where I can confidently launch my business and start bringing in clients. Every week I knew what we would be working on and what the goals were for each module. When I started my previous business there was so much trial and error, and a lot of feeling like I was alone while I was getting it off the ground. I don't feel that way this time and I'm so grateful to Adrienna for creating a course that has given me the tools to launch a successful business!

Jenn B.


The idea of becoming a VA was simply that - an idea. I didn't know where to even begin, how to open your own business, any of those important steps! But since joining The Creative VA Academy, I am currently growing a business that I know I will be able to be proud of! I am currently getting ready to plan out my 4-week launch strategy and none of this would have been possible without you and your education! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Krystal C.


Before The Creative VA Academy, I was struggling with business structure and direction. I was kind of floating through, piecing the pieces together, but not really on a clear path. Since going through The Creative VA Academy, I now have a business I am proud to share with the world.

Leslie M.


One of my ah-ha moments was not only knowing my pricing but also knowing my value! Since joining the course, I have set up my website, and had a client double her hours with me because she loved my work style!

Kara C.


I started the VA academy with wanting to learn what being a VA is and where to start. This course is so amazing, everything I have done in my business has 100% came from this course. It has literally given me the courage to start my business and put myself out there! This is the first time I have been so excited and felt so right in a career when I decided I wanted to do this I had no idea how or where to begin. This course spells it out and makes it so simple to begin. So excited for the future and so happy I am apart of the VA Academy!

Lindsay B.


For the first time in my life, I feel like success is possible and that I can face my fears of starting my own business without being overwhelmed. I feel like this course granted me unlimited freedom and possibilities for my creativity and the road ahead. I have finally said, "Yes" to me and giving my dreams a REAL chance. MAJOR! I'm so grateful. Thank you so much for pouring your heart into this course. I feel like you gave us SO MUCH content (way more than I imagined when I purchased it) and really made sure we were set up for success.

Leah R.


Before The Creative VA Academy, I had taken courses to learn skills. The courses talked about getting your business started but, they felt less involved. I joined The Creative VA Academy because I gained so much from your free, 5 Day Challenge, and I love how you stated the material in a way that clicked for me! Before The Creative VA Academy, I was struggling with the confidence to get started. I needed clarity in what I could offer and how the seemingly random choices I had would tie together into one business. I am moving forward finally!

Cheryl L.


Before The Creative VA Academy, I felt overwhelmed by the process of starting my own business. I had no idea where to go and I had no time to research as I had a 3 month old. It has sped up the process tremendously of starting my own business. It would have taken me at least 10x as long to learn everything I did with your course. It is so much better to invest your money in a course like The Creative VA Academy than to try to figure it out on your own! That will cost you SO much more money in time. The Masterclass has sped up the process tremendously of starting my own business.

Randi L.


Since being in The Creative VA Masterclass, I've actually taken the steps I know I needed to take (and some I didn't know). I've outlined services and know how to price them. I know more about how to market, pitch, network. I have a potential client in the works already! Another VA I connected with a few months ago sent her my way and I was able to confidently state my services and rate over a discovery call!

Annie G.


No, I'm not the bride in the picture, I am the one putting on her shoes.

Because when you own a business, it's not all glitter and gold. It's hard work!

I am a former wedding professional turned virtual assistant turned agency owner. After 10 years in the wedding industry, working in both bridal, wedding planning and floral, and designing accessories, it was time for a change. I wanted a job that had more freedom, better hours, and allowed me to work from home.

And while the pajamas are a huge perk, being able to work from anywhere, for clients I love, is the best experience in the world.

Since starting my business, Ava And The Bee in 2018, I have grown from charging $30 per hour, to a team of five employees, hitting $190,000+ years, with a waitlist of wedding pros excited to work with us.

I'm Adrienna.


I am a true believer of your success.

want a peek at the business I bult? check us out!

Since starting my business, Ava And The Bee, in 2018, I have grown from charging $30 per hour, to a team of five employees, hitting $190,000+ years, with a waitlist of wedding pros excited to work with us.

But it wasn't easy. I made a lot of mistakes, spent countless hours up past midnight doing client work, and have definitely undercharged what I am worth. And I quickly found that there wasn't education for creative virtual assistants. I had so many questions, and no one to answer them!

I started right where you are - with a seven year old laptop, a comfy couch, and a dream.

Which is why I have created this course! I want to show you the tools you need to succeed.

I don’t just teach students - I run my own six figure business agency.

I don’t just teach ideas- I teach real solutions that I have exceeded myself in my own business.

I don’t just know the creative industry - I have owned multiple businesses in the space. From being a milliner (aka hat maker) and selling online, to owning a wedding planning + bridal boutique

This isn’t my first six figure business - and it won’t be my last. So while other coaches might be showing you some ideas, I actually implement these in my own business, every single day..

I started The Creative VA Academy in 2019, and since have taught and helped over 350 creative virtual assistants reach goals they never believed were possible.

What just a few students are saying...

First things first: There are a lot of interchangeable names. So whether you want to call yourself a creative virtual assistant, a social media manager, a freelancer… they are all the same thing!

A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker, who offers various services to clients. The tasks you can provide as a virtual assistant are endless: from social media, to admin, to website design, to graphic design. You can do ANYTHING you want!

But the best part? You can start making money right away - without a lot of clients! I personally was able to replace my full-time job with just 4 clients. You don’t need thousands of Instagram followers or an email list to get started. We teach inside the course a package-first mindset. So while you will have a starting hourly rate of $30+ per hour, we will walk you through how to make profitable packages (and more $$!)

Just hear it from Erin, a real student: “I booked 4 clients, just one month after I launched my business and finished the course. I made back what I spent on her course right away! I’ve already made more per month being a virtual assistant than I had been a teaching paraprofessional back then. This course is so worth it!!” 

What exactly is a Creative VA and how much can I really make?

Yes! What is so great about working virtually is that you set your own hours. You can complete the client work on your free time, around your current lifestyle.

One of the reasons I created this course is because I KNOW how busy you are - and how many hours you can spend down rabbit holes trying to learn how to start your business.

This course will take some time - starting a business doesn’t happen overnight. But 78% of those who have taken the course also had a full time job - and were able to start their business!

Can I do this on the side while I work a 9-5 job?

The best part of being a virtual assistant is that you don’t need any prior experience! You can get started now, with the skill sets you have now - and add more services down the road as you learn them. In fact, I encourage you start with one or two services to start with, so that you can scale quickly.

But the best part? When you join us in inside The Creative VA Coaching School, you will also get access to THREE electives:
+ The Showit Elective (so you can learn how to build showit websites).
+ The Blogging Elective (so you can learn how to blog for clients).
+  The Pinterest Elective (so you can learn how to be a Pinterest manager).

Are you teaching specific skills a VA can offer? Or just how to set up a VA business? What skills do I need?

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! There is no selling random products, no buying up thousands of dollars worth of products just to get to the next “level” or texting everyone you have ever known about buying your product.

This is a real, and legal, online business. You set your services, make your own hours, set your own pricing. If you take home $500/month in services, you keep that. There is no one you pay just for starting. Now, you’ll have to pay taxes on it, but that’s a completely different topic for another day (and don’t worry, I’ll teach you all about that)!

There isn’t a hierarchy of people making money through you - this is YOU owning a business!

Is this a MLM or just another internet scam?

Yes! This is perfect for those who have started their business, but are unsure if they set it up properly, or are not getting the right clients that they want to work with. This course is for those who have started, or those who are brand new!

Can I Join Event If I’ve started my business?

Yes! You can pay in full, or break it up into three payments.

We also have an option to just purchase The Creative VA School, without the Elective Bundle (However, The Elective Bundle is worth $1500 - so buying it all together saves you $800!)

is there a payment plan?

michelle s.

I started my business very part time when I had a newborn and toddler in 2019. I’ve grown my business according to how many hours I had available over the years and as childcare has increased. It took me 2 years to get to a full-time income, but this has always been a business I’m building specifically to fit around my family. If you’re serious about creating a long term business doing anything, then you need to invest in a program to help you.

For me, Creative VA Academy is something I refer back at least a couple times a month. I already had the start of a successful business starting in it, but it gave me more confidence, has kept me from quitting when things got hard & helped me move forward even more.


2 payments

two monthly payments

+ Complete guided workbooks + videos
+ Templates, swipe copy and resource guides
+ Access to The Blogging Elective, The Pinterest Elective + The Showit Elective ($1500 value!)
+ Lifetime Access

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single payment

pay in full & save

+ Complete guided workbooks + videos
+ Templates, swipe copy and resource guides
+ Access to The Blogging Elective, The Pinterest Elective + The Showit Elective ($1500 value!)
+ Lifetime Access

pay in full and save


three ways to pay!


3 payments

three monthly payments

+ Complete guided workbooks + videos
+ Templates, swipe copy and resource guides
+ Access to The Blogging Elective, The Pinterest Elective + The Showit Elective ($1500 value!)
+ Lifetime Access

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Creative va school only

2 payments

+ Complete guided workbooks + videos
+ Templates, swipe copy and resource guides
+ Lifetime Access

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looking for just the school?

this does not include any of the electives 
*The Showit elective is only available in the school bundle above


Creative va school only

pay in full

+ Complete guided workbooks + videos
+ Templates, swipe copy and resource guides
+ Lifetime Access

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