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No matter where you are at in your virtual assistant journey, you can learn to create a business you love, and have the freedom you crave. All you need is a computer, the internet, and passion. No prior experience necessary. I grew a thriving virtual assistant business with just a laptop, my couch, and $200. And you can too.

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The Creative VA Academy Masterclass

The only digital course just for creative virtual assistants and freelancers, The Creative VA Academy is for those who want to become virtual assistants, freelancers, and social media managers for creative businesses. This course teaches you how to start your creative virtual assistant business - and work from home!

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The Pinterest VA Elective

Learn how to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant in just 7 days! From how to do a complete audit on your account, to how to target the right clients, it's all included. Not only will you master your own Pinterest account, but will learn how to get incredible results for your clients.

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I am a former wedding professional turned virtual assistant. After 10 years in the wedding industry, working in both bridal, wedding planning and floral, and designing accessories, it was time for a change. I wanted a job that had more freedom, better hours, and allowed me to work from home. And while the pajamas are a huge perk, being able to work from anywhere, for clients I love, is the best experience in the world.

I'm Adrienna


I am a true believer of your success.