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Build a profitable blogging virtual assistant business - in just seven days.

Want to take your existing writing skills and turn them into a full fledged business?

You don’t have time to take 100 courses to learn all the pieces - you want to know it all quickly. No fluff. Just instructions.

You are looking to not only learn how make your own website’s blog kick-ass, but you want to offer it for clients. But - you have a lot of questions.

> How do you optimize blogging for SEO?
> How in the world do you even price this?
> How do I turn my writing into an engaging blog post?
> How do I collect the info and onboard clients?
> How do I make consistent income offering blog services?

You love blogging, and want to provide it as a service. But, you don’t know how to get started.

Does this sound like you?

> Blogging can’t be profitable and a high-end service.
> Working with blogging clients is difficult.
> Having to gather content takes forever.
> Blogging is dead - no one needs it.

But let me tell you the truth…

I've heard it all before...

There are thousands of creative businesses out there that can benefit from blogging + content marketing. And that’s where you come in.

In fact, my business, Ava And The Bee is proof. In 2021 we niched down our services to focus on SEO content marketing for wedding professionals and doubled our sales. (To a sweet tune of $150,000+)

So let me just tell you the facts: Blogging is not dead. And Blogging is PROFITABLE!

My proven system will show you how to take your writing to the next level with high-paying clients!

Stop relying on Fiverr or Upwork for clients.

The Blogging VA Elective will teach you how to enter this amazing field and offer blogging as a signature service, all with step-by-step instructions.

It's not just about writing.

but about creating systems to work with clients

You’re ready to kick things up a notch and create a signature offer! You want a service that you can sell monthly, and work with clients for years on end.

Create a signature product.

The best part of this job is that YOU can pick who you write for! You can book out your schedule with dreamy clients, and write about topics you are passionate about.

Work with industries you love.

Inside, you will learn my step-by-step framework that you can use for each and every client. From how to book them on a discovery call, to onboarding them with ease, gathering content (without pulling your hair out!), and setting boundaries.

Use a proven framework for each client



“Since taking The Blogging VA Elective, I have signed 4 new blogging clients and I had all my systems in place to onboard them! I have sent out questionnaires and I felt good making content calendars for them. I am more confident in my offerings and can tell clients exactly what to expect!

Let me pull back the curtain and show you how much money I make in my own business, just with blogging….

not sure yet?

In 2020, we made $32,000 in blogging services - in the middle of a pandemic (and we work for wedding pros y’all.)

In 2021, I mastered our signature workflow + process and we made $96,000 just from Blogging + Pinterest (with $60K of that just blogging!)

In 2022, I started growing a team, and we made $115,306 just from Blogging + Pinterest, with $75K just from blogging.

And now in 2023, we have one full-time employee, two part time employees, and three contractors - all while working with clients we love (and charging a premium!)


“The Blogging VA Elective has given me the confidence to offer blogging as a service to my VA business. I also feel a lot more confident optimizing the SEO of my posts! Adrienna is a clear, concise instructor. So thankful to be learning from her, and I would 1000% recommend this course!

Introducing: The Blogging VA Elective

7 Modules. 7 Days. Lifetime access, yearly updates + incredible results.

Learn everything you need to know about blogging. From the different platforms, to why it helps with SEO, and what makes a good blogpost. You will learn how to create blog topics that are not just unique, but backed by SEO! And you will learn how to write in your clients voice.

You will learn SEO 101, the best tools to use, and how to utilize it in your blog posts. We will cover every aspect of SEO - to keyword research, to titles, to ALT Tags. I even include a real-time walkthrough of how we do Keyword research in our own business!

You will learn the best ways to structure and layout your blog post, with multiple real client walkthroughs. I cover:
- How to select a topic, pick a keyword and make a catchy title.
- How to write an engaging intro paragraph.
- How to write and format body copy.
- How to create Call To Actions and correctly link.
- How to format images for web.

This module is all about real-walkthroughs. You will look over my shoulder as I format multiple blog posts, and see what makes them great posts!

We will cover how to blog in WordPress (both classic and block view), and Squarespace. *everything inside can be applied to whatever website or blog platform you are using.

Examples will include multiple real client walkthroughs - from a wedding photographer (and how to cull images and format!) to a marketer, and more!

This is where we get clients! I will cover pricing, how to package, what your website needs to have, how to market your new business, and even business setup 101. By the end of this module you will be ready to book those dream clients!

Onboarding and gathering content doesn’t have to be painful. I will cover how to pre-screen clients (and not waste hours on calls!), master a discovery call, how to onboard clients in just a few steps, and how to gather content so that you are always on-time!

You have clients- but now what?! I will teach you how to set a schedule and boundaries with clients, how to review client work, common issues (and how to overcome them), SOPs, and much more!

*This is not a writing and grammar course. This course is designed to take writing skills you already have, and turn it into a service. If you are not comfortable with writing longer format content, I suggest learning this before taking the course.

don't forget the bonus content!

How To Create Goals & Track Metrics

Google Analytics 101

Over a Dozen SOP's, Forms & More To Get You Started!

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“Before The Blogging VA Elective, I knew that I had the writing chops to successfully blog for clients within my niche. However, I had NO idea how to package my services, onboard clients, showcase the value of why this service is still critical, and what tools would be the most helpful. I now feel confident that I am equipped with an arsenal of knowledge, tools, and resources to make this a valuable offering to my clients. I finished the course with a huge burst of excitement for everything that is to come!”

Each video is under 30 minutes, making it easy for you to set time aside and watch.

Each module will include video, step by step instruction, workbooks, templates and resource guides to make it easier.

The entire program is available online, so you can do the work on your own time! Once you graduate, you will have lifetime access to The Blogging VA Elective.

How it Works

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Yes! What is so great about working virtually is that you set your own hours. You can complete the client work on your free time, around your current lifestyle.

Can I do this on the side while I work a 9-5 job?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are starting your business from scratch, you should take The School or The Coaching Experience first! This way you can have everything set up in your business, and be ready to take clients. The Blogging Elective does not cover business setup in depth- it focuses on the skills you need to offer it as a service.

I ALSO WANT TO JOIN THE va school or coaching experience. WHICH DO I TAKE FIRST?

The goal of this course is for you to get clients as soon as possible! As soon as you have your business legally set up, you are ready to start booking clients.

This course is designed to add a profitable service to your already existing business.

How soon can I start getting clients?

This is not a writing and grammar course. This course is designed to take writing skills you already have, and turn it into a service. If you are not comfortable with writing longer format content, I suggest learning this before taking the course.

is this a writing course?

Blogging + SEO is always changing - so the course will get updated as needed.

do you update the course as SEO + Blogging changes?

The course starts from when you purchase it and doesn't have an end date! It is a completely self-paced online course, and you get lifetime access to the course.

When does the course start and finish?

Everything we teach about blogging, working with clients, and the processes work on any blogging platform! For the tech and real-client walkthroughs, we use WordPress and Squarespace. However, the process will be very similar on any other blogging platform. *this course does not cover how to create a website or blog.

Do my clients need to be on a specific blogging platform?

No. This course is designed to be used with an existing virtual assistant business, and since we teach you how to price your services to pay for the course with your very first client, there are no payment plans.

are there payment plans?

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I am SO excited that Adrienna has put together a blogging course as well because even though I have been blogging for a few months now, the information that she provides is HUGE for both an established blogging VA and a new one. There are always processes that I feel can be a bit a better at in my business and I'm so grateful that she shares her years of knowledge with us. For someone who has been in business for less than a year, I have been able to up my offerings by implementing what I have learned from her courses."

I have used blogs to grow MANY of my own businesses including:
- An Etsy shop (actually two of them!)
- My bridal boutique (aka blogging made us a top bridal boutique in Savannah!)
- My content marketing agency for wedding pros (aka a number one page ranked website for FOUR years!)

My content marketing agency, Ava And The Bee, is consistently featured as the best of the best - from podcasts to summits. I get asked all the time: can you run a successful business just blogging?

We currently blog for dozens of clients and make $10K+ per month just in blogging work. In fact, we have a constant waitlist and book up 2-3 months in advance.

And I want to show you exactly how! I want to show you the tools you need to succeed. I want you to take this incredible service, and not only make thousands a month doing it, but get incredible results for your creative clients!

I'm Adrienna - your blogging guru with over a decade of blogging experience.

I am a former wedding professional turned owner of Ava And The Bee - a marketing agency for wedding pros. 

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You could keep trying to figure how to get started on your own, and spend hours watching videos and reading countless blogs (which will take you months!).

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