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Everything you need to master Pinterest, get clients, and become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant - In just 7 days.

And you are sick of wasting time trying to research how to get your Pinterest business booming. You want results NOW.

You are looking to not only master it, and make your business account kick-ass, but you want to offer it for clients. But, you don’t know how to get started. 

> How do you optimize Pinterest for results?
> How do you find the right target market, and book clients?
> And how in the world do you even price this?

You love Pinterest, and want to provide it as a service.

Does this sound like you?

“My biggest A-Ha moments were around the technical aspects - Tailwind scheduling, shortcuts for adding things to the queue, description seo and hashtags, etc. It has given me new ideas about how to best schedule content for my clients. And, it has helped form what's included in my packages going forward!”

Becoming a Pinterest VA doesn't have to be confusing, and you can do it in 7 days.

The Pinterest VA Elective will teach you how to enter this amazing field, how to offer this as a signature service, all with step-by-step instruction. We go through it all: from Pinterest 101, to finding your target market, to Tailwind, to creating beautiful images, and even how to grow and maintain clients. I cut through all the fluff, and give you exact directions.

Imagine what life would be like if...

What if you could be paid to do Pinterest, each and every month (for just an hour per week, per client!)

Sound perfect for you? Keep reading! 

You had the confidence to approach new and potential clients.

What if you were not only able to master your own Pinterest account (and grow your tribe!) but also grow your clients?

What if you could make your own hours, and your own schedule?

What if you could turn Pinterest into your signature service?

Introducing: The Pinterest VA Elective

7 Modules. 7 Days. Lifetime access, yearly updates + incredible results.

Whether you are brand new to Pinterest, or have a few Pinterest VA clients already, this training will cover all the basic how-to’s, with highlights on features, and how to create quality content. Quality content is king, and I’ll show you how to do it, step by step.

Pinterest is a search engine (and not social media!) Learn how to use Pinterest like a search engine, and rapidly grow your (and your clients!) Pinterest account. 

To get clients, you need the perfect Pinterest account. Learn how to create an irresistible first impression, master the Pinterest audit, and attract the RIGHT audience for you. This is the exact audit system I use for each and every client, and I will walk you through it step-by=step.

The best part of this job? You can automate it. I’ll teach you the best platforms to use to automate your Pinterest, and your clients. I’ll show you the ins and outs of Tailwind, and how to ensure you are getting the best results. From boards to Titles and descriptions, it’s all covered here. I also include multiple real client walkthroughs (including one wedding photographer, one OBM, and one course creator/membership owner).

Not all pins are created equal! I’ll teach you all the tricks to create beautiful images each and every time, and how to create pins that convert - including Video Pins + Idea Pins. No Photoshop experience needed here!

Now that you have Pinterest mastered, it’s time to get clients! Learn everything you need to know about structuring your packages, getting clients, and mastering your sales pitch. There are packages laid out for you WITH pricing - just copy + paste and use! *This module alone will give you your investment back once you book just ONE client!

Learn the complete on-boarding process, from pre-screening potential clients, to the discovery call, to signing them. We also cover how to ensure a successful working relationship with your new clients.

don't forget the bonus content!

Pinterest Analyics 101

Google Analytics 101

Over a Dozen SOP's, Forms & More To Get You Started!

i'm ready to enroll!

Each video is under 45 minutes, making it easy for you to set time aside and watch.

Each module will include video, step by step instruction, workbooks, templates and resource guides to make it easier.

The entire program is available online, so you can do the work on your own time! Once you graduate, you will have lifetime access to The Pinterest VA Elective.

How It Works

Want an inside look?
Take a sneak peek of The pinterest elective!

Over 40 pages of workbook material that will show you exact action steps and help you grow even quicker.

There are three step-by-step real client walkthroughs.
Industries include:
- A wedding phogographer
- A online educator
- An OBM

“The workbook is a great help. The way you went through the process was understandable and easy to follow. Thank you for creating this course!”

No, I'm not the bride in the picture, I am the one putting on her shoes. Because when you own a business, it's not all glitter and gold. It's hard work!

I am a former wedding professional turned virtual assistant and Pinterest Pro. Not only have I grown my Pinterest account by over 1000% in just a few months, but I consistently drive engaged traffic to my clients websites. In fact, I personally have over 500,000+ impressions per month on Pinterest, over 50,000 people engaged, and thousands of website visits each month, just from Pinterest.

Since implementing my Pinterest system for my clients, I’ve doubled their traffic, had multiple clients in the 1+ Million Club, and make thousands a month, just from my Pinterest services!

Which is why I have created this course! I want to show you the tools you need to succeed. I want you to take this incredible program called Pinterest, and not only make thousands a month doing it, but get incredible results for your creative clients!

I'm Adrienna.


Check out my Pinterest, and the see results in action!

No. Ad Strategy is a completely different strategy than monthly management. To learn Pinterest Ad's I highly suggest taking Pinterest's FREE Pinterest Ad Course via Pinterest Academy!

Do you teach pinterest ads?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are starting your business from scratch, you should take The Masterclass first! This way you can have everything set up in your business, and be ready to take clients. The Pinterest Elective does not cover business setup - it focuses on the skills you need to offer it as a service.


The goal of this course is for you to get clients as soon as possible! As soon as you have your business legally set up, you are ready to start booking clients. [This course does not teach business setup - this course is designed to be an add-on to your existing business.]

This course is designed to add a profitable service to your already existing business!

How soon can I start getting clients?

Pinterest is always changing - so the course gets updated twice a year (sometimes more!) Whenever there are major changes to Pinterest, the course will be updated.

2023 Updates 
- How the Pinterest Algorithm works in 2023
- Pinterest Data + G4 (G4 training coming May 2023!)
- Graphic pin updates
- Video pins
- Pinterest Ads Academy
- Pinterest trends for 2023
- Our current pins per day strategy
- Two more Pinterest Audits being added April 2023!

do you update the course as pinterest changes?

Yes! Even if you have a few clients, you will get so much out of this course. You will learn how to expertly onboard and work with them, as well as increase your pricing.

i already have a few pinterest clients, is this for me?

For any online virtual assistant or freelance business, you will need a computer or laptop with high-speed Wifi. We also teach you Canva and Tailwind, which do have monthly costs depending on the package you select - however both have free options as well!

are there additional costs?

doors are open - join today!

No. This course is designed to be used with an existing virtual assistant business, and since we teach you how to price your services to pay for the course with your very first client, there are no payment plans.

are there payment plans?

Let me pull back the curtain and show you how much money I make in my own business, just with Pinterest….

not sure yet?

In 2020, we made $18,000 in Pinterest services - in the middle of a pandemic (and we work for wedding pros y’all.)

In 2021, I mastered our signature workflow + process and we made $69,000 just from Blogging + Pinterest (with $25K of that just blogging!)

In 2022, I started growing a team, and we made $115,306 just from Blogging + Pinterest, with $40K just from Pinterest.

And now in 2023, we have one full-time employee, two part time employees, and three contractors - all while working with clients we love (and charging a premium of $600+ per month for Pinterest!)


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30 page guided workbook
Templates, swipe copy and resource guides
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You could keep trying to figure how to get started on your own, and spend hours watching videos and reading countless blogs (which will take you months!).

Doors Are OPEN!

Or, you could take the exact strategies I have used to grow my business, and get incredible results in just weeks.

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