Services To Offer Wedding Professionals As a Virtual Assistant

November 10, 2020

Services To Offer

Finding the best services to offer as a creative virtual assistant is one of the biggest things we teach at The Creative VA Masterclass. One of the best things about being a virtual assistant is that you can offer anything – yes ANYTHING! Some virtual assistants are more admin focused, who work on excel, QuickBooks, or admin tasks. Others will be workflow focused, who are all about implementing workflows and organizing a business. Others are more graphic design-focused. There isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to what you can offer as a virtual assistant!

At my business, Ava And The Bee, we offer digital marketing for wedding professionals. After owning a bridal boutique and wedding planning company, as well as being a florist AND a virtual assistant, I know everything there is to know about helping wedding professionals. I’ve worked with wedding photographers, planner, invitation designers, venues, rental companies, DJ’s, hair and makeup artists, bridal boutique, bridal gown designers… and so many more. That is why I wanted to share the top services that Wedding Professionals are looking for when they hire a virtual assistant!

Keep in mind that there are so many other services that wedding professionals might be looking for – this is just the most popular ones.

What To Outsource To a Virtual Assistant: Wedding Photographers

One of the biggest client bases we have at Ava And The Bee are wedding photographers. Their seasons often ebb and flow. Depending on where they live, they will have a few months of wedding season, a few months of the slow season, and then back into wedding season. For example, in the South (where I was a planner in Savannah, Georgia!) Our busy months were April-May and September-November. That meant the summer was slow. However, a client in the North, their summer will be peak season. Due to this, they need more support during the on-season, and upkeep in the offseason.

  • Instagram management (can include caption writing, engagement, etc.)
  • Blog and magazine submissions (both digital and print)
  • Blogging real weddings and styled shoots (this is our biggest service at Ava And The Bee!)
  • Adding Alt Tags and resizing images for their website
  • Monthly email newsletters, including Holiday Sales
  • Assisting in social media strategy
  • Creating graphics for their website
  • Creating pricing guides
  • Photo album design
  • Event planning for weddings and styled shoots
  • Managing online review sites like Wedding Wire and The Knot
  • Pinterest and Tailwind management (A top service at Ava And The Bee!)
  • Website setup, design, and maintenance
  • Showit website design
  • Managing Facebook Albums, and adding new albums after each wedding
  • Posting to Facebook
  • Sending thank you gifts to clients after their wedding
  • Keeping track of vendor information
  • Adding watermarks to images
  • Gallery culling
  • Photo retouching and presets via Lightroom
  • Managing online galleries (Often on Pixieset, PicTime, Shootproof)
  • CRM Software (17 Hats, Dubsado, Honeybook)
  • Tracking website metrics and analytics
  • Facebook Ad and Instagram Ad campaigns

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What To Outsource To a Virtual Assistant: Wedding Planners + Event Designers

Similar to wedding photographers, wedding and event planners will have an ebb and flow of seasons, depending on where they live. Keep in mind that many of the items listed for all the categories will overlap – since many small businesses have similar needs! One program that many planners use is Aisle Planner.

  • Instagram management (can include caption writing, engagement, etc.)
  • Blog and magazine submissions (both digital and print)
  • Blogging real weddings and styled shoots (this is our biggest service at Ava And The Bee!)
  • Creating a timeline for the event. This can be done in a platform like Aisle Planner, or Timeline Genius
  • Vendor management and communication (Contact the individual vendors for each event at the venue and collect insurance info, contact info, arrival times, etc.)
  • Sourcing vendors, venues, and rentals (pricing, quantity, style etc.)
  • Creating a layout to maximize efficiency (All Seated is a popular platform for this)
  • Creating worksheets, templates, and branded content for the event (Menu, graphics, etc.)
  • Press releases
  • Assistance with social media content
  • Assistance with bridal or event shows, which can include creating items to pass out, sign up sheets, and following up with inquiries after the show
  • Workflow management, often in Aisle Planner or Honeybook (automated invoices, vendor payments, etc.)


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What to outsource as a wedding professional


What To Outsource To a Virtual Assistant: Rental Companies

Rental companies can include furniture rentals, Photo Booth, lighting, and everything in-between! Many of these items are the same as wedding planner and event designers, so I’m only going to include some additional items.

  • Rental software management (inventory management included)
  • Team management (including workers who do setup/breakdown)
  • Website inventory management
  • Inquiry management (emails, calls, etc.)


What To Outsource To a Virtual Assistant: Hair and Makeup Artists

Some hair and makeup artists are independent and don’t work at a salon. Others will work via a salon. Their needs will be similar to photographers and planners but include a few unique needs.

  • Social media management, including posting and creating content
  • Answering emails and social media direct messages
  • Working with influencers to share their work to a larger audience
  • Assistance booking clients
  • Website updates to showcase their work
  • Assisting with events and shows. This can include local fashion shows, speaking engagements, and education
  • Press Releases & PR


Top Programs You Should Know When Working With Wedding Professionals

When working with wedding professionals, there will be some unique programs you might have to know. Below are some of the most common!

  • Aisle Planner
  • Pixieset, Shoot Proof or PicTime
  • 17 Hats, Dubsado or Honeybook
  • Social Tables
  • All Seated
  • Event Pro
  • Photo Mechanic
  • Blogstomp
  • Smart Albums
  • ShowIt
  • WordPress with the Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Newsletter programs like Mailchimp, FloDesk or ConvertKit

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