How Much Can You Make As a Pinterest Manager?

March 23, 2023


Pinterest has become an extremely valuable tool for business owners looking to increase their online presence and drive traffic to their websites. As a result, the demand for Pinterest managers has increased, which is great news for you! But naturally, you may be asking yourself, how much can you make as a Pinterest manager? Great question! That’s what I am going to be breaking down for you today!


Services You Can Offer

Before we talk about how much you can make as a Pinterest Manager, let’s talk about what you can offer.

  1. Account setups and optimization audits: A Pinterest manager can help businesses set up their account, and audit and optimize their profile. This can also include setting up Pinterest boards that align with their niche and offers.
  2. Content creation: Pinterest is a visual platform, so having high-quality, eye-catching images is a must! You can use your design skills to create graphic pins, idea pins, and curate branded content.
  3. Pin scheduling via Tailwind: Consistency is key on Pinterest, and as a Pinterest manager you can create a pinning schedule for your clients using a tool like Tailwind.
  4. Analytics reporting: Tracking the performance of client accounts and providing reports on important metrics to help businesses understand what is working and where they can improve.
  5. Monthly management: This is where you will combine content creation, pin scheduling in Tailwind, and monthly analytics reporting.


How Much Can You Charge As a Pinterest Manager?

The amount you can charge and earn as a Pinterest manager can vary depending on a few factors, including your experience and skill sets.

Even as a beginner, I suggest having this be a package – not an hourly service. I always recommend that you build packages and charge your clients a set rate! This is because your hours spent on Pinterest each week will vary. You may spend 4 hours one week, and only 1 hour on their account the next week. It also allows you to not be penalized if you go faster. You charge the same rate no matter how many hours it takes you!

During your first year, most Pinterest Managers charge a starting rate of about $400/month for their services.

As your business grows and your skill sets and experience increase, you are able to charge upwards of $600/month for your specialized services.

It’s also important to consider what services you want to offer as a Pinterest manager. You may want to focus solely on Pinterest account setup and optimization. Or maybe you want to specialize in ongoing content creation and Tailwind management services. The more specialized and in-demand your services are, the more you can charge.

Ultimately, the amount you can charge and earn as a Pinterest manager will depend on your experience level, skill sets, and the specific services you offer. However, with the demand for Pinterest management services increasing, the earning potential for this service is going to continue to grow!


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Make More Each Month By Packaging With Blogging

If you love writing, I suggest packaging Pinterest with Blogging! Pinterest does not work as a strategy unless the client has at least two new blogs per month. This is because Pinterest wants new and fresh content consistently – which is where the blog comes in. If you offer blogging as well, you can easily charge a higher rate.

For example, in your first year of business,  you can start to charge $150 per blog (under 500 words, with SEO included) and $400 for Pinterest and Tailwind. That means your starting package could be $600/month!

In my agency, Ava And The Bee, our Pinterest + Blogging services start at $1200 per month. So there is a lot of room for growth, and to increase your pricing as you learn more, and become an expert.

I teach you everything you need to know about adding blogging as a service inside The Blogging Elective – so make sure to check that out!


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how much can you make as a Pinterest manager