4 Reasons To Start A Blogging VA Business

April 17, 2022

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With more and more businesses moving into the digital marketing space, there are so many reasons to start a blogging VA business. Businesses are realizing the power of blogging, and how it helps with SEO. However, blogging takes a long time – and that is where you come in! If you are a virtual assistant looking to niche down and start a blogging VA business, here are 4 reasons why that’s a smart business move!

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More Niched Down + Specialized = More Money

When you start to master a service, and really make it your signature service, you can charge more! For example, if you are Google Analytics certified and are an SEO pro,  you can charge much more for a blog post. A newer blogging VA might charge $50-$100 for a blog post. But an expert can charge $150+ per post.

No More Last Minute Hourly Tasks

Some virtual assistants love hourly work – others do not! If you are in the latter group, you are going to love blogging, since you can easily package it up for your clients. When I got started as a virtual assistant in 2018 I did ALL the things. It was non-stop hourly tasks, and it got exhausting, and just wasn’t something I loved. I hated opening my inbox since I knew there would be more assignments, and I would be up all night finishing tasks. But now? NO more hourly tasks! Everything is packaged with structured boundaries.


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It’s Easy To Scale a Blogging VA Business

Here is a fact I didn’t even believe at first: Blogging is a scalable service. When I started offering Blogging I thought there was NO way I could grow a team with it as our main service. Boy, was I wrong! In 2021 I focused on growing a team, and now have three writers who help out! I went from working with 8 clients writing 20-30 blogs per month by myself, to 18 clients (with even more booked for 2022) and 60+ blogs per month.

Because they are packed, there is profit with every single client. That means our cash flow has increased, so no more month-to-month worries. In 2021, we made over $60K just in blogging.

Easy To Package With Other Services

Another reason I love blogging is that it is so easy to package with other services to maximize your profit.

  • Pinterest + Blogging go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can’t have a successful Pinterest account without blogging, so offer both to clients!
  • Newsletters + Blogging: If your client has an email list, you can easily turn blog posts into weekly or monthly newsletters.
  • Instagram + Blogging: These two also go together so well! Every blog post can be broken down into 6+ IG posts that you can create for your client. Since you are writing the long-form content, breaking it down for IG will make your job so much easier!
  • FB + Blogging: If your client’s audience is on Facebook, or they have a Facebook group, help with both! Repurpose their blogs into bite-sized content for Facebook.
  • Analytics + Blogging: Another hand-in-hand offering (that is also a premium?) Google Analytics! Track your client’s website data monthly, and show off how your blog writing is helping their business grow.


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4 Reasons to start a blogging va business