Why You Should Be A Blogging Virtual Assistant

January 18, 2022

Services To Offer

I get asked all the time, “Adrienna – what are the best services to offer as a creative virtual assistant?” And while this varies from industry to industry – there is one that is consistent no matter what. Blogging. Yes, blogging! Blogging is going to be one of the most requested services in 2022 – and I’m here to tell you why!


Blogging Isn’t Dead

I’ve heard it all before… Blogging is dead! Blogging can’t be profitable and a high-end service! Having to gather content takes forever!

But here is the truth: There are thousands of creative businesses out there that can benefit from blogging + content marketing. And that’s where you come in.

In fact, my business, Ava And The Bee is proof. In 2021 we niched down our services to focus on SEO content marketing for wedding professionals and doubled our sales. (To a sweet tune of $150,000+) So let me just tell you the facts: Blogging is not dead. And Blogging is PROFITABLE!

Take a look at our real numbers👇

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Why Creatives Should Blog

There are several reasons why blogging is essential to any content marketing strategy. First of all, blogging should be your core content marketing platform. This is where you will house a majority of your longer content. Think of this as a home that you own. Your core content marketing platform allows for longer-form content and focuses on providing a lot of value to those taking the time to consume it.

It’s also great for SEO! Fresh content helps Google to find you. Google’s number one goal is to deliver helpful and relevant results to searchers. So, in order for Google to do that, they are always looking for fresh, new, and relevant content to share! That is where blogging comes in. This gives Google new and relevant content consistently!

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So, Who is Blogging Really For? [AKA Who Will Hire Me?]

Literally any creative with a website who is selling a product needs a website! From fitness coaches who want to share their best workout tips and recipes, to online boutiques highlighting their products and sales, to influencers who want to highlight their affiliate links – they all need a blog! Below are three of the biggest industries looking for blogging virtual assistants right now – but trust me, there are hundreds of creative industries who need it!


If your clients are coaches and educators and selling a service, they need a blog for quite a few reasons:

  • It builds credibility. One of the most valuable parts of having a blog as a coach is that it shares what you know, and builds trust in your education style. People will start to see you as an authority in the field.
  • It lets them see results. Coaching students want assurance that the coach they are working with gets results for people like them. You blog can educate AND show off your student’s success.
  • It creates a lasting first impression. Your website will often be one of the first places coaching students will visit. A continuously updated blog (and not one that hasn’t been posted to for months or years!) will show that you are up to date, and always working to help your students.

Wedding Pros:

Wedding professionals need a blog, for a few reasons:

  • Showcases real weddings. Not only does it allow you to showcase real weddings, but it lets you become an expert in your field! Use your blog posts to not just tell a story of the couple, but to explain how your services were used, and how valuable it was that they hired you.
  • It grows the know like and trust factor. If all you did online was say “Book me today!” chances are, you wouldn’t get a lot of hits. So for my clients, and you, we will focus on content you can share across all of your engaging platforms, tells a story, and speaks to your ideal couples. Are you more likely to buy from a total stranger hawking their product or someone who you know and trust? By building consistent content marketing, you are building that know, like and trust factor that your couples need. This increases the chances of a sale!


If you have a Podcast, you need a blog! Not only does it provide you a place to post episodes, share links, and sell products, but it helps those who might not be able to listen to the full episodes. 

  • Provides assistance for those hearing impaired. Not everyone is able to listen to Podcasts, so make your Podcast accessible by providing a blogpost and transcript!
  • Increases SEO. While people can search for Podcast topics on platforms like Spotify, you will broaden your audience with SEO Keyword blog posts. Blogging allows you to increase your websites rankings, and capture more listeners. 
  • Grow your email list. If you are a Podcaster, you know the value of a strong email list. You can use your blog as part of your email marketing, and create downloads for people to sign up for. Amy Porterfield is a great example of this! Many of her episodes have a bonus PDF, that listeners give their email address for. It’s a quick and easy way to collect emails!