5 Things To Share On IG To Get Clients

November 16, 2021

Social Media

One of the most common platforms for finding clients for your Creative Virtual Assistant business is Instagram. If you are working with creatives (like shop owners, wedding pros, artists, designers, and coaches) they are going to be on Instagram. And while this can be a free form of marketing, it can also get pretty overwhelming. What do I post? What type of content do I share?

Today, I am going to share 5 things to share on IG to connect with your audience, and get them booking!

Connect With Their Pain Points

We always hear about creating an ideal client avatar, but oftentimes, we overlook the real reason you have an ideal client avatar: to connect with your dream client by focusing on their needs and pain points! What are your ideal client avatars needs, goals, and desires? What are the biggest roadblocks in their business? This is what your content needs to be focused on.

IG Post #1: What are the current challenges your ideal client’s business is facing? Write a caption talking about what this challenge is, and how your services help with it.

IG Post #2: Your avatar most likely needs an extra set of hands or a partner. Share that you are aware of this, can help them launch their next idea. 

Use Their Language

When creating your messaging for social media or discovery calls, use their own language! There is no reason to re-create the wheel. You can easily gather the exact language and pain points they have and use it to capture them!

If you are feeling stuck, here is a little tip: Start creeping on them on social media. Okay, not in a creepy way. But in a research way! The beautiful thing about the internet is that it’s very likely that your ideal client is hanging out somewhere online AND talking about their problems while they’re there. Even if you can’t speak directly to your ideal customers, you CAN go to where they’re already hanging out and start compiling information about how they talk about their problems.

Think about online forums, Facebook groups, and other watering holes where your ideal clients might be hanging out online. Also, consider looking at amazon reviews for products, books, or resources similar to your offering. See how people talk about it – what they like, the features they wish it had, and what they hated about it. There’s a goldmine of information out there just waiting to be tapped into.

And don’t forget to save all of this copy! I have a spreadsheet I give students inside The Masterclass, my signature course for creative virtual assistants, where they can copy and paste their ideal client’s language, so they never run out of things to say.


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Talk About Overcoming Obstacles

Your ideal client wants to hire someone who understands their needs. And they also want to know how you are going to overcome any obstacles. Discuss how you have overcome an obstacle, and how you grew from it. Relate it to your client avatar, and share how you can help them overcome this as well. List some things you have overcome, that your avatar can relate to.

IG Caption #1: ”One of the hardest points in my life was when [xx xxx]. And while it wasn’t easy to overcome, I have learned so many valuable things like [xxxx, xxxx and]”

IG Caption #2: “Like you, I often get frustrated at [xx xxxxx xxxxx]. I mean, isn’t that so annoying?! But, when I start to feel overwhelmed by frustration I [xxx xxxxxx xxx]” 

Share Easy Wins + Tips

The best part of social media is that you do not need to write novels. Instagram is all about creating short and easy wins, that they can implement today! Is there personal advice you have given, or someone gave you, that you think your avatar could relate to? Share it! Share tips that your avatar can use day-to-day. You want to not just be a service, but also someone they come back to time and time again for advice.

IG Post #1: “Start your month off by [xx xxx xxxx] Having an overall [xx xxxx] strategy can help you keep on track, stay organized, and be less stressed throughout the month! It can also help you [xxxx xxxx] and determine where you need to shift and adjust your efforts!” 

IG Post #2: “New programs can be intimidating. If you are a [xx xxxx xx] chances are, you are not a fan of doing [xxx xxxx]. I have [xxx xxx] years of experience doing this, so I wanted to share some tips to make it easier!”

5 Things To Share On IG To Get Clients

No matter how you decide to find clients, one of the biggest tips I have is to connect with your ideal client! You need to focus on their needs, their pain points, and ways to connect with their desires. Remember, you are there to help! Looking to really dive into this, and learn how to authentically connect? Check out The Creative VA School! We have a whole module devoted to social media, and how to truly connect to get more clients.


5 Things To Share On Instagram To Get Clients - The Creative VA Academy