8 Tools I Use Everyday As a Virtual Assistant

June 30, 2020

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When you start your virtual assistant business, one of the most overwhelming things can be all the tools and software! While you don’t need a lot to get your business started – I do recommend having these 8 essential tools! These will help you grow your business faster, with fewer headaches. When you first get started, it might be tempting to try all the things. But my friends, I have tried them ALL, so you don’t have to!

After 5+ years in business, and creating a multi six-figure business, I know the exact tools you need to succeed! I am a Mac user, but don’t worry, whatever you use will work! There is no need to get a brand-new computer when you first start out. The programs below are available for both PC and Mac.

The Best CRM: Dubsado

Dubsado is hands down my favorite program. It allows you to not only send invoices, receive money, and create proposals, but it also allows you to create contracts and contact forms. You can easily send contracts and invoices to have clients sign digitally. It also has a scheduler so you can schedule appointments with clients with ease. It also has time-tracking that allows you to track tasks minute by minute, and assign them to a client’s invoice.

Dubsado is geared towards creative entrepreneurs, including wedding planners, photographers, and artists. You can customize everything that is sent out to reflect your brand, including fonts, logos and colors. The lead capturing service allows you to easily keep track of incoming leads and makes sure you never overlook them. PLUS their customer service is incredible. The best part? Dubsado is FREE for your first three projects! So you can use it at the very beginning of your business – without an extra expense!

I talk about how important Dubsado is for the best client management experience, in this blog post!


Best Social Media Tool: Tie Between Tailwind + Planoly

This one is tied for good reason. Both Pinterest and Instagram are huge marketing channels for my business, so I need the best programs! Up first is Tailwind. If you are going to offer Pinterest services, you need to know Tailwind. Tailwind allows you to schedule pins using their Smart Calendar, track analytics, and create Pin Loops so high- performing content is shown again and again. With Tailwind, you can schedule days or weeks worth of pins, all at once.

Planoly is my favorite way to plan and organize my Instagram. My favorite part of Planoly is that it is not only a mobile app – there is a desktop version too! Planoly allows you to schedule content, preview it before it posts, save hashtag sets, and view in-depth analytics. It also allows you to schedule IG stories!

Planoly also allows you to give access to your account, without giving out your username and password. You can use Planoly to do Instagram management for clients, and access their account, without needing the log-in information.


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Best Graphic Design Tool: Canva

Canva is an online graphic design program, that includes hundreds of pre-made templates. The free version allows you to create images in various sizes, while the paid version allows you to also upload custom fonts. If you are just getting started and need a free design software, start with Canva!


Best Website Platform: Squarespace for Beginners, Showit for Advanced Users

If you do not want to deal with the hassle of coding, and want a quick and easy website, I highly recommend Squarespace! I have built many sites on Squarespace in just a weekend, it is that easy! While Squarespace does have blogging, it does not have plug-ins like Yoast to assist you. Squarespace also allows you to have an online store, if you need that down the road.

Not sure what to put on your virtual assistant website? Learn the 5 things your virtual assistant website needs!


Best Password Service: Dashlane

Dashlane is a safe, simple way to store and fill passwords and personal information. I have tried every password service, including LastPass, and I find Dashlane to be the easiest to use. This is the only one I use with clients!


The Best Email Marketing Platform: FloDesk

If you are looking to create a newsletter list, check out FloDesk! It’s what we use for The Creative VA Academy, and Ava And The Bee! This user-friendly platform makes designing beautiful emails a breeze, plus it lets you create nurture funnels. Use this link to get 50% off your first year!

Best Gmail Plugin: Canned Responses for Gmail

This plugin allows you to create pre-made responses and add them to your email. This is perfect for FAQ, or to tell a client your guidelines. I have over 10 canned responses, so I no longer have to type the same email over and over again.



Bpnus #1Best Writing Tool: Grammarly

As a digital marketer, I do a TON of writing. In my business, we write 8+ blogs per week for our clients! So having proper grammar is huge. Grammarly is an automated grammar checker. You just add it as a plugin into your browser (I use Chrome!) and it will scan your document, with spell check and grammar edits. It makes writing online clear and easy! It’s free to download, so you can use it today!


Bonus #2: Best Stock Website – Styled Stock House

When I first got started, I looked everywhere for the best stock images. I needed so many images! For my social media, website, and even PDF’s. When I fell across Styled Stock House, I fell in love! This website has hands down the best stock pictures. I personally have the Unlimited Plan, which gives me access to an unlimited amount of downloads, and access to the entire library.

The Top Tools For Every Virtual Assistant

Looking for a complete guide of tools to run your virtual assistant business? Check out my FREE guide: The Virtual Assistant Toolkit! Packed with over 20 pages of information, this guide will cover the best tools and resources that will help you grow or start your Virtual Assistant and Freelance business!

8 Tools I Use Everyday As a Virtual Assistant

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