Top VA Services to Offer in Fall 2022

August 8, 2022

Services To Offer

The creative virtual assistant business continues to BOOM! I want to share the TOP VA services to offer in Fall 2022. Use these ideas to help you start creating some in-demand and highly profitable services for your virtual assistant business.

What is A Creative VA?

Before I dive into the services you can offer, I wanted to clarify what a creative VA does.

A creative virtual assistant can offer creative services to creative businesses. This can include doing services such as graphic design, social media, blogging and copywriting, Etsy and Shopify management, photography, and photo editing. The creative industries can include wedding professionals (like photographers, planners, florists etc.), product-based businesses and artists, coaches and course creators, wellness and nutrition, graphic designers, and anything else in the creative fields.

A creative virtual assistant can also offer more admin-related services to those creative businesses. This can include bookkeeping, analytics and reporting, data entry, SEO, sales funnels, and more!

A creative virtual assistant can also offer creative services to any industry. So this can include doing the items listed above, for local businesses, realtors, etc.

An Administrative Virtual Assistant tends to focus on the admin tasks of a business. This can include items like bookkeeping, cold calling, data entry, Excel and data work, lead generation, analytics, appointment management, etc.

You can offer services from both sides! In my business, Ava And The Bee, we offer graphic design, website design, SEO, Pinterest, Blogging, and some analytics. My clients are wedding professionals. So while I offer services from both the admin and analytical side, I also offer creative services. But because I focus on the creative wedding industry – I consider myself a creative virtual assistant and digital marketer.


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Top VA Services to Offer in Fall 2022

Content Creation + Blogging

This is especially huge for wedding pros + coaches right now! As life returns back to “normal”, the wedding industry is booming. In my business, Ava And The Bee, blogging is hands down our biggest service.

And so is the coaching industry! As more people decide to freelance or start their own business, there are more and more coaches and courses out there. And the best way to market any business? Blogging!

How to package:

Make sure to offer it in bundles or with a minimum blog per month. I suggest two blogs per month minimum. This isn’t just for your profitability but also for your clients. Blogging for SEO is all about consistency! So just blogging a handful of times a year won’t help your client reach their goals. You need to blog consistently, and in my business, we tell our clients twice per month.

For Pricing: Blogs that are under 500 words go for $60-$300 per blog. Blogs that are over 500 words are typically $250 and up. 

Consider adding content repurposing to your packages. This can include writing IG posts, Facebook posts, etc.  It can also include going through their past blog posts and coming up with new topics, or editing those posts to be SEO friendly.

Make sure you know SEO as well – the goal of blogging is not just to write but to utilize SEO to get your customer found! Google Analytics has its own course that is incredible for learning SEO + analytics. Also, utilize YouTube! You can find incredible beginner guides to SEO on YouTube. Or you can take my course, The Blogging Elective, and learn EVERYTHING you need to know to offer this as a service (including SEO!)

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Podcast Assistance

Podcasts continue to be a huge industry and have continued to grow in 2022! If you have a love of podcasts, audio, or even writing blogs around podcasts, you will love offering this as a service!

How to package:

This is a service that will often package, not set up as an hourly service. It is often also priced as a “per episode” bundle. For example, you may offer repurposing for podcast episodes, meaning for each episode, you will write 1 blog post, 2 IG posts, 1 email. A few of the main services include:

  • Audio editing
  • Adding intro/outro music, or additional effects
  • ID3 Tagging for Podcast SEO
  • Creating show notes to share via a blog or other sources
  • Creating social media content from the podcast episode
  • Episode transcription and timestamps
  • Creating graphics including cover images, logo’s, or social content
  • Assisting with sponsorships
  • Assisting with guest speakers



This continues to be a top service year after year, and with the rise of video, will continue to be huge into 2022 + 2023! While you don’t need to have video experience (or offer that!) if you do offer video, you can charge a premium for your services.

How to package:

Similar to the earlier services, you will want to package this service! I often see creative VA’s try to do this hourly – and I suggest NOT doing that! Since Instagram involves so much strategy, you need to create packages around it. When it comes to pricing, a base package with 3 posts per week, 3 stories per week, and monthly reports is $450-$700 per month. The pricing will increase if you add in video, community engagement, or more weekly posts. I have seen 5 day a week packages start at $1500, since they involve strategy and content creation!

  • Writing Instagram captions
  • Planning out feed layouts
  • Graphic design
  • Hashtag research
  • Engagement
  • Scheduling out content
  • Editing Reels
  • Creating Instagram stories
  • Conducting Instagram Audits

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