How To Get Clients As A New Creative Virtual Assistant

September 6, 2022

Working With Clients

If you are just getting started as a Virtual Assistant, you might be looking for ways to get clients, or even your very first client. I want to share with you 8 ways to get clients as a new creative Virtual Assistant. But, to avoid overwhelm, don’t do everything on this list at once. Instead, pick the ones that you feel will work best for your business, and your audience, and implement those first!

Know Your Market

When you first get started as a creative VA, you might not have niched down yet, but you should still have a general idea of your target market. You need to know who you want to help, and what you are going to do to help them. Without knowing your target market, you will have too broad of an audience, which means the ones you want to reach might not be listening.

Here’s a question for you: Is it better to have a large audience that doesn’t book? Or a small audience that books you every month? Obviously, the answer is a smaller audience that is engaged and books!

So by marketing to your target market (and ideal client!) you will be able to communicate clearly and capture their attention. Inside The Creative VA School, we have a whole module on your ideal client – because I believe it is SO IMPORTANT and a key to a successful Creative VA Business!

Share Your New Creative VA Business with EVERYONE

One of the biggest mistakes I see new Creative VA’s make is not sharing their new business with everyone! This means telling your friends, your family, and even former work colleagues. When I started my business, Ava And The Bee in 2018, my first clients were people who I already knew and who already trusted me. Your local community knows you already, and they are more likely to trust you right away without spending weeks nurturing!

Have a Website

There used to be a time when you didn’t need a website. But now, having an online presence is essential to running a creative virtual assistant business. Time and time again, I talk to business owners who say that if the VA they are looking at doesn’t have a website, they will not reach out to them. Even if I tell them that the VA is incredible!

Why? Because we are in a world where having a website is so easy to make if you don’t do that extra step, it makes you look like this is a side hustle (and not a real business!) You don’t have to have a custom website made and spend thousands. Instead, a simple and clean website, or even a single landing page, is better than nothing!

Pro Tip: I don’t suggest making it in Canva. While this is okay as a temporary solution, it is not searchable, which means Google doesn’t know you exist! And as you grow, you will want to get some great SEO and google traffic. At Ava And The Bee about 40% of our clients are because of our website and SEO!

Create a Blog

Once you have a website, make sure to start blogging! Blogging is a key strategy for SEO. So if you want clients to find you online, you need to let Google know you are there. And the easiest way? Blog! As I talk about in this blog post, blogging is one of the best ways to increase your SEO. 


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Network both In-Person and Online

Networking is a HUGE part of being a business owner. Not only does it help you feel more confident when you pitch your business and services, but these connections can lead to clients. While this is a longer-term strategy, it is the most important. In my own business, Ava And The Bee, 50% of our leads are just from word of mouth! Connect with your community through forums, Facebook groups, social media posts, and LinkedIn groups. And go to in-person events! I personally love Tuesdays Together, which hosts events in most major cities.

Create a Business Social Media Account

I get asked a lot by students if they should use their personal account for advertising their business, or create a separate account. I always suggest making a new account that is just focused on your business. This is for a few reasons. First, it gives you the chance to make a business account, which opens up analytics. Second, it allows you to focus the algorithm on the right audience. When you have a specific account for your business, Instagram and other social media platforms will better understand what you do, and serve your content to the right audience. And third, it gives you some space! I love being able to log into my personal account and be away from my business and just enjoy the people I want to connect with.

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Do a Service Trade with a fellow Creative VA

One of the biggest roadblocks new Creative VA’s have is simply not having work in their portfolio. And without work to show potential clients, it’s harder to book. So I suggest doing a service trade with a fellow Creative VA to get portfolio work! For example, if you offer brand design, find someone who is a blogger or writer and do a trade. In exchange for 4 blog posts, do a simple logo or brand. This way you both have work to share, and get portfolio pieces! And of course, a must-needed testimonial for your website!

8 Ways to Get Clients as a New Creative Virtual Assistant

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