How To Stand Out From The Crowd as a Creative Virtual Assistant

May 17, 2021


The creative virtual assistant industry is booming – which is awesome! But that also means more competition. When I started my business, Ava And The Bee, four years ago, there were 10 items under the #creativevirtualassistant hashtag on Instagram. Now, there are thousands. That means you need to be interacting with your ideal clients and standing out from the crowed. Here are a few tips!

Utilize Hashtags To Find Clients

Use Hashtags to find ideal clients, and follow! Engage with them, don’t just tell them that you are a virtual assistant looking for work. Learn who they are. Follow 5 new ideal clients per week. Start to listen to their needs! Remember to make note of their pain points and what they need help with.

Connect With Your Audience

One of the biggest differences with being a creative virtual assistant is that you need to connect with your clients. Often times, creatives are looking for a virtual assistant they can trust and connect with. It is less about your experience – and more about the 1:1 connection! A few examples:

Talk about their pain points + relate to them – share how you have been there too, and know how to help them. Discuss how you have overcome an obstacle, and how you grew from it. Relate it to your client avatar, and share how you can help them overcome this as well. List some things you have overcome, that your avatar can relate to.

“One of the hardest points in my life was when [xx xxxxx xxx]. And while it wasn’t easy to overcome, I have learned so many valuable things like [xxxx, xxxx and xxxxx]”

Is there personal advice you have given, or someone gave you, that you think your avatar could relate to? Share it!Share tips that your avatar can use day to day. You want to not just be a service, but also someone they come back to time and time again for advice.

In the Creative VA School I have a guide – 20 avatar prompts. These prompts help you connect with your avatar and get them listening.

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Optimize Your Website To Stand Out From The Crowd

For each potential client you find, there are likely at least 3 other VA’s looking at them to. This is why it is important to stand out! The first place to stand out is your website: Make sure it is up-to-date and easy to navigate. Does it attract that ideal client? Does it share who you are and your values? Focus on what will stand you apart – is it your 5 years of experience in hospitality management? Or your last job where you managed over $1 Million worth of inventory? Or is it your ability to write in a variety of styles when doing blog work?

Give Advice + Help

Before applying for any job, or suggesting your services, research that potential client. Don’t just say that you are a good choice, SHOW it! If they are looking for Pinterest graphics, create three graphics off of one of their blog posts. This will show that you did the research AND show off your graphic skills. This is something that might take you 15 minutes, but can land you a client!

If they are looking for a blogger, share a link to an article you have written that is similar in style to what they need. You don’t have give away free work, just show an insight into what you can do! Think about it: 3 quick graphics could book you a client worth thousands!

If you are in a Facebook group, and see your ideal client ask a question, answer it! For example, If they have questions on Pinterest and how to create the best boards, and you know the perfect answer, reply to the post! Share your best tips. And don’t just use it to pitch your services. You need to consistently show up with advice so people trust you. Spending 5 min a day answering questions could lead to a client!

Stand Out From The Crowd

By following these steps, you can ensure that you really stand out from the crowd and attract those dream clients! Looking for more tips? Make sure to join The Creative VA Lounge – a free Facebook group, just for Creative Virtual Assistants like you!


4 Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd as a Creative Virtual Assistant - The Creative VA Academy