4 Tips To Land Your Dream Client as a Creative Virtual Assistant

April 26, 2021

Business Tips, Marketing

We all have dream clients – but how do we attract them and get them to book? You have your services, your pricing, your ideal client, your business backend set up, and your pitch. And maybe you have worked with a few clients, but are still looking for those dream clients. As your business grows, finding clients will become easier. You will start to get referrals, and people will recognize your name.

Keep in mind, finding clients depends on a lot of factors. First is the services you offer. Different services will have different price points. And different price points will mean different clients to target! So keep in mind, not all industries and services will be the same. This is why going back to your ideal client avatar is so essential – you need to focus on their pain points!

Focus On Their Pain Points

We always hear about creating an ideal client avatar, but oftentimes, we overlook the real reason you have an ideal client avatar: to connect with your dream client by focusing on their needs and pain points! What are your ideal client avatars’ needs, goals, and desires? This is hands down the most important part! While having a clear vision of their demographics and personality is nice to have – this is where I really want you to get focused.

  • What are their goals and dreams for their personal life? Is it to grow their business? Or to slow things down, and focus on their personal life and family?
  • What fears or beliefs do they have about a solution like yours? (Aka: what makes them hesitate when it comes to hiring a VA?)
  • What beliefs do they need to have about you, your service, and themselves in order to feel ready to buy? Do they need to find someone who they click with personally? Or someone that only offers one service? Or are they all over the place, and need someone who is really organized?
  • What benefits can your ideal customer avatar experience when they hire you? And while time will always be number one – I want you to dig a little deeper here. Is it getting back time to relieve their stress? Or can they experience more inquiries and sales?

Create Messaging Around Your Client Avatar

When creating your messaging for social media or discovery calls, use their own language! There is no reason to re-create the wheel. You can easily gather the exact language and pain points they have and use it to capture them!

If you are feeling stuck, here is a little tip: Start creeping on them on social media. Okay, not in a creepy way. But in a research way! The beautiful thing about the internet is that it’s very likely that your ideal client is hanging out somewhere online AND talking about their problems while they’re there. Even if you can’t speak directly to your ideal customers, you CAN go to where they’re already hanging out and start compiling information about how they talk about their problems.

Think about online forums, Facebook groups, and other watering holes where your ideal clients might be hanging out online. Also, consider looking at amazon reviews for products, books or resources similar to your offering. See how people talk about it – what they like, the features they wish it had, and what they hated about it. There’s a goldmine of information out there just waiting to be tapped into.

And don’t forget to save all of this copy! I have a spreadsheet I give students inside The Creative VA School, my signature course for creative virtual assistants, where they can copy and paste their ideal clients language, so they never run of out of things to say.

Creative Virtual Assistant Course - The Creative VA School

Network + Hang Out Where They Are

Networking is KEY! Networking is the sure-fire way to grow your business, spread your message, and build your brand. This is a long-term strategy but gives you the best clients. Networking is all about meeting people and making a connection. It is why most of my leads are referrals! So where can you network?

Local Events

There are so many local events that your dream client might be at. Search on Facebook – Most large cities will have Facebook Groups for local businesses. Don’t forget your niche – If you work with wedding professionals, see if you can join a wedding pro-Facebook group in your area. Or if you work with local restaurants, see if there is a local Facebook group for hospitality business.

Tuesdays Together

Tuesday’s Together is one of the best places to find local creatives. Hosted by the Rising Tide Society, these monthly meetings bring together local creatives to connect, and learn new things. Each month has a new topic, that will not only help you grow your business but introduce you to a great group of people. Tuesdays together has been one of the biggest client sources for me, I could go on and on about how much I love it! If there is one in your area, I highly encourage you to go!


Clubhouse is one of the best places to start networking! Search for rooms related to your dream client industries. For example, I make sure I join 2-3 wedding professional rooms per week, so I can listen and take note of their needs. I also make sure I go up on stage at least twice a week, so I am really asking questions and connecting!

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups can allow you to reach hundreds of potential clients! I recommend you join at least 5 groups to get started with. A few of these can be more general, like entrepreneur groups, but make sure are a few are focused on your dream client. For example, I am part of a few wedding professional groups!

Stand out from the crowd

The creative virtual assistant industry is booming – which is awesome! But that also means more competition. When I started my business, Ava And The Bee, four years ago, there were 10 items under the #creativevirtualassistant hashtag on Instagram. Now, there are thousands. That means you need to be interacting with your ideal clients and standing out from the crowd. Here are a few tips!

If you are in a Facebook group, and see your ideal client ask a question, answer it! For example, If they have questions on Pinterest and how to create the best boards, and you know the perfect answer, reply to the post! Share your best tips. And don’t just use it to pitch your services. You need to consistently show up with advice so people trust you. Spending 5 min a day answering questions could lead to a client!

Don’t forget your website! Make sure it is up-to-date and easy to navigate. Does it attract that ideal client? Does it share who you are and your values? Focus on what will stand you apart – is it your 5 years of experience in hospitality management? Or your last job where you managed over $1 Million worth of inventory? Or is it your ability to write in a variety of styles when doing blog work?

Customize each touchpoint. Don’t just copy and paste a generic response to each and every job opportunity- really make it unique to them. I can’t tell you how many times I have posted a job listing in both my bridal shop and now, and people did not read the directions. If I asked for a cover letter, certain email subject, and 3 referrals, I would get dozens that did not do a single step. If the person can not follow directions on a simple email reply, why would I hire them?

Landing Your Dream Client

Landing your dream client might take some time – and that is okay! When you are new in your virtual assistant journey, you might work with a variety of clients. And not all of these will be dream clients! But, don’t give up. Working with a variety of clients will allow you to master your services, and feel more confident as you market to your dream clients. By using these four tips, you can start to marketing to your ideal client, while also standing out!