How To Write The Best Pin Title

December 17, 2019


If you have been on Pinterest for a while, you might remember back in the day when you needed a title for every pin. For the last few years, this has been something you could add, but wasn’t as much of a priority. But in 2019 that all changed! Pin titles are now becoming a requirement for any pin you add.

And if you are a Tailwind user, you have noticed that is now mandatory for every pin you queue in Tailwind to have a Pin title! So what is a pin title, and how do we use it? I dive into everything you need to know!


What is a Pin Title?

A Pin Title is what appears at the top of a pin, when you hit closeup. In your Smart Feed, it will show up at the bottom of each pin. If you have Rich Pins set up, the title will automatically be pulled from your article, product, or recipe title. When you manually add a Pin, you can add it above the description.

The Pin Title is short, and up to 100 characters. When someone sees your pin in the Smart Feed, it will show up the first 30 characters. This means that you have to be short, descriptive, and include the main keywords right away!

How to write the best Pin Titles on Pinterest - The Creative VA Academy

How are Pin Titles important for SEO?

Pinterest’s algorithm relies heavily on keywords. Keywords are short terms that people might use to find your topic or Pin. Think of Pinterest as Google (because it’s so similar!) When someone is looking for Instagram Tips they might type in “Instagram tips” or “How to use Instagram” or even “Instagram tips for beginners”. These are all common search terms, and if your content is about Instagram Tips, you will want to include these keywords in not just your title, but your description!

A Pin Title gives the reader context to your Pin. Pinterest also uses the titles to determine how to display your Pin in the Smart Feed. Pinterest used to just pull your title from any data it could find, but that meant it wasn’t always accurate. Now that Titles are a requirement, it’s important to make sure this is always descriptive, with a keyword.

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How do we find Keywords?

You can find keywords right on Pinterest! Pinterest will tell you what people are searching for. Just start typing the keyword you used on your website and you’ll get several related options that you can use. 

To ensure the best distribution of your Pin, and to get the best results, use these Pinterest-recommended keywords in your Pin titles. You should also use these in the descriptions, and in the text on the image.

How to write the best Pin Titles on Pinterest - The Creative VA Academy

How to write a Pin Title

A pin title is up to 100 characters – but only the first 30 characters show up on the feed. This means you have to be concise and chose your title wisely. Tailwind has some helpful tips on writing the best Pin Title:

  • Make your title simple, but compelling. Remember, only the first 30 characters show up in the feed.
  • The purpose of your Pin title is to give context to your image. Use your Pin title to add information, and encourage people to click.
  • Don’t repeat what is in your Pin description, or the exact text used in the image.
  • Never keyword stuff – use natural language.
  • Don’t use the word “click”. Pinterest can detect this and it will hurt the reach of your Pins. 

Add a Pin Title in Tailwind

Tailwind makes it super easy to add titles right into your Pin, before pinning! (Not sure what Tailwind is? Read why you need Tailwind, here!) You will see the title section when you schedule a Pin on Tailwind. This includes whether you pin with the extension, upload, to Tribes, or in SmartLoop. Don’t worry – you don’t have to go through old Pins and add titles. You just need to add titles to all pins going forward.

How to write the best Pin Titles on Pinterest - The Creative VA Academy

Pinterest Titles Are a Gamechanger

Now that titles are a requirement, make sure to start utilizing this important strategy to your Pinterest game! Make sure to keep SEO and keywords in mind as you write your titles. By creating SEO friendly titles, you can help your Pins (or your client Pins if you are a Pinterest Virtual Assistant!) Get more clicks and better results!

How to write the best Pin Titles on Pinterest - The Creative VA Academy

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