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October 1, 2019

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Pinterest can seem daunting. I get clients who always ask how many hours a week they need to devote to pinning. Hours? Nope, you only need minutes! Tailwind is the easiest way to increase your Pinterest game, and get viewers through the roof. In fact, I require all of my Pinterest clients to have Tailwind!

Pinterest is first and foremost a search engine and is essential for your business. I used it for years for fun, with no serious intentions. But when I finally set a Pinterest strategy and started using Tailwind, my viewers went up 465% in 6 months! I went from 20K to over 100,000K followers in 6 short months. And now I am at over 1.2 Million viewers a month, with over 75,000 engagements a month.

Pinterest is the #1 driver of traffic to my website!

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So why is Tailwind so awesome? Keep reading to find out!

Bulk Scheduling

My number one key to success? Doing things in bulk! When you focus on one task, like blogging or making Instagram captions, you can get so much more done. That is why Tailwind makes bulk scheduling easier! Their automatic scheduler helps pick the best times for you to pin, and automatically pins them at that time. That means all you have to do is add to the queue! As you browse Pinterest, you just add pins you like to your queue, and Tailwind does the rest.

Tailwind Tips for Virtual Assistants - The Creative VA Academy

It is approved by Pinterest

While this one might not sound as fancy, this is a big deal. Tailwind is an approved marketing partner with Pinterest, which means it’s not against Pinterest’s Terms of Service. You do not want to get on Pinterest’s wrong side, since they can shut you down in a heartbeat.


Tailwind Tribes

Tribes are such a great part of Tailwind. These are places to meet like-minded pinners, and not only pin their content, but share yours! This is how I get some of my top-quality content and share my best tips. Tribes allow you to add a pin to your schedule in just a click.

Tailwind Tips for Virtual Assistants - The Creative VA Academy

Smart Loops

If you loved BoardBooster, and was sad when it shut down, then Smart Loops will make you happy. I know I personally loved BoardBooster’s looping feature. And now Tailwind has recently announced its SmartLoop feature! I got a sneak peek into SmartLoops and have been using it for about a month now, and it is great! SmartLoop allows you to share top content again and again, without you having to do anything. With SmartLoops, I have multiple loops of my top content, that gets shared month after month. Plus, you get to choose when these items are re-pinned, and how frequently. This allows you to get strategic with your pinning!


The Pin Inspector

My favorite analytic feature is the Pin Inspector. This houses everything you have ever pinned on Pinterest (and if you are like me, this means thousands of pins!). You can search via boards, keywords or category and see what has performed the best. Then, you can re-pin this top-performing content! This is an easy way to boost traffic from old pins, and expose it to your new Pinterest followers who might have not seen it the first time.

How to use Tailwind to boost your Pinterest and grow your virtual assistant business

Tailwind allows me to not only automize my client’s Pinterest, but helps grow them quickly. In fact, since implementing Tailwind into each and every Pinterest client’s package, each and every one of my clients has doubled their viewers in weeks. Yep, doubled!

And Tailwinds analytics let you see what your top pins are, so you make sure to focus on that content and keep growing your following.


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How to use Tailwind to boost your Pinterest and grow your virtual assistant business - The Creative VA Academy | Virtual assistant training and digital courses for creatives