How To Pre-Screen For Your Discovery Call

August 12, 2021

Business Tips

Before you ever hop on a Discovery Call, you need to Pre-Screen clients! While you might think you need to take on every potential client, the truth is: you do not. It is more important to have QUALITY clients over quantity.

When I first started I thought that I should take anyone who was interested, and boy was I wrong! My biggest problem clients were the ones that did NOT align with my company, and what I did. Remember: The biggest perk of working for yourself is choosing who you work with! Take advantage of this by pre-screening clients!

Your Contact Form:

The first step to pre-screen is your contact form. This will allow you to get some potential details, before they move further in the process of working with you. Some items I suggest you include are:

  • Website (so you can see what their aesthetic is, their industry, and what they might need help with.)
  • Start Date (so you can screen if they need someone right now, or down the road)
  • Services Interested In (so you can see if they are services you are looking to offer, or are currently booked with)
  • Price Point (so you can see if they have a budget that you can work with)
  • What results they are looking to get OR what are their revenue goals.
  • What do they absolutely LOVE doing in their business? (This can be a wonderful talking point! You can share how you taking items off their plate will give them time to do what they Love!)


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Your Media Kit or Pricing Guide

Once you get the email inquiry, I suggest sending a media kit or pricing guide. This will be a PDF or Webpage that outlines your services, your packages, and some information about your business.

Whether or not you include all pricing in this guide is up to you. In my business, we have starting at pricing, to weed out those who might have a smaller budget. I suggest having some starting at pricing, so you can avoid any inquiries who are not a good fit. . I recommend listing all of your services, in case there is something you offer that your client did not think of (50% of my Pinterest clients come from seeing that I offer it – it is not usually something they come to me for first!)

Let Them Book a Call With You

If they are a good fit after these two steps, it’s time to set up the Discovery Call! I recommend having a software like Calendly or Dubsado to do this. The easiest way to schedule is with a scheduling tool. Going back and forth via email can be very time-consuming, and annoying for a potential customer. 

Before The Discovery Call

Always do research on the client before the call. I like to do 20-30 minutes of research before every call. Not all clients are the same! Look at their about page: who are they? How can you relate to them? Do they have kids? Do they have pets? How did they get started?

What type of clients do they have? Are they at-home moms? Or high-end wedding clients with large budgets? By knowing who their client is, you can dig into what their struggles might be. Maybe it is connecting with a bigger audience, or providing services to clients with large wedding budgets.

By doing the research beforehand, I am able to offer them additional services they might have not known he needed or that I provided. For example, if you have a fitness coach, but they do not do anything with Pinterest, suggest it in their call! Tell them that you have seen incredible results with Pinterest and their field of work, and you really think it will help them.

The Discovery Call

It’s time for your call! 30 minutes before my call, I like to do my research, and get everything ready! I print out my Discovery Call Worksheet, which walks through all the questions I want to cover, info on the company, and what packages I want to pitch. This makes sure I am 100% ready! Remember, you are there to guide the convo! YOU are the expert, to share how you can help. But, we also want to make it about them. It’s not about selling, it’s about listening. People want to be heard and feel understood!

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