Four Steps to Niching Down

November 8, 2022

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Four Steps to Niching Down

If you are a creative virtual assistant who offers ALL of the services, to ALL of the businesses, I want you to keep reading. One of the biggest struggles new creative virtual assistants make is being booked out quickly, but not making enough profit. Eventually, they start to face burnout because they are overworked, underpaid, and overwhelmed.

But, there is a solution to this! Niching down.

Niching can grow your business so much quicker, and allow you better quality clients, that give you work that you love to do! Niche marketing is often easier than promoting to a wide audience, and that niche audience will have specific needs and wants.

If you try to target everyone, you are ultimately targeting no one.

It’s way more lucrative, and your clients can benefit because you have a laser-focused skill set and are an expert

If you’re trying to appeal to everyone, the competition will be much more intense with market saturation. It’s much much harder to get noticed this way when you target everyone.

When To Know It’s Time to Niche Down 

The Two Types of Niching Down

Niching down comes in two big forms – One is niching the services you offer, and the other is niching down who you work with, or who your ideal client is. So you could be someone who only offers social media services for food bloggers, or who only offers Pinterest packages for travel guides. This is your Offer Niche – which is HOW you help, and what specific services you offer.

When I started to only work for wedding professionals, I became completely booked out, raised my pricing, and it allowed me to grow a team!

For example, I had a girl in my course get multiple inquiries within a week, all from changing her Instagram bio to say “Social Media for Wedding Pros”. By really focusing her business on JUST wedding professionals, offering JUST social media, she was able to be booked out, charge a premium, and add a team member. All within 4 months.

The Four Steps to Niching Down

Step one: What is your passion, and what are you an expert in?

  • Think about what you are the most knowledgeable in – what are some skills or industries that you stand out, and are a pro in?
  • What services light you up?
  • When you’re with people, think about the topics that you jump to. Or think about what people know you as – is it the fashionista who can find the best deal? Or the Pinterest pro with a growing email list?
  • What are you good at? (talent, skill, knowledge) 

Step two: Who is your ideal client? Who needs this service?

  • Who is your ideal client avatar, and who your audience niche will be? This is one of the biggest ah-ha moments for those in my mentorship and course and has changed their businesses. By walking through who their ideal client is, they are able to niche into that market and speak directly to their ideal client.
  • Who has the problem that you solve, and what kind of person do you want to work with?
  • What problems does your audience have? What keeps them up at night? Write out a list of things you think you can solve with your skills and passion.

Step three: What skills do you have that you can niche down and offer?

  • Fine-tune your skillset and the services you offer. By focusing on the services you love to do, vs the services you think you should be doing, you can really focus on niching your business. 

Step four: What is the competition?

  • Look at the competition.
  • Who else is already solving this problem for this market, and are they dominating the space? What items can you offer that differ, or attract your ideal client more?
  • Is there a way to differentiate yourself and create a unique offer? 

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4 steps to niching down as a creative va