This Week In Weddings Podcast

This Week in Weddings is a support group for wedding industry entrepreneurs, and a podcast for all things wedding industry. In this episode, Adrienna talks about all things virtual assistant for wedding professionals! 

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Be Fabbo Podcast

On this podcast, hosted by Bobbi Brinkman Photography, you get to hear candid conversations with wedding professionals, for stories and tips inside the wedding industry. On this episode, we cover everything you need to know about outsourcing as a wedding professional

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This Week In Weddings Podcast

Be Fabbo Podcast - BONUS Episode

There was so much information on our episode of the Be Fabbo Podcast that there is a BONUS episode! Bobbi collected some amazing questions from wedding vendors, including planners, caterers, photographers, and much more. From how often you should be blogging, to what tasks different industries can assign to a virtual assistant, we cover it all. This bonus episode is one you need to listen to!

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The Support Squad Podcast

The Support Squad Podcast is where virtual assistants come to share their best business tools and tips. On this episode, Adrienna shares how she found her niche market, as well as her journey to becoming a virtual assistant. She also gives a sneak peek to her exclusive Pinterest training! 

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She Creates Business Podcast

Each episode of this weekly Podcast just for Wedding Pro’s, Kinsey shares a business-building strategy that you can apply to your own business. On this episode, Adrienna goes over the best ways to prepare your business to outsource, and hire your first virtual assistant.

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How A Virtual Assistant Can Grow Your Wedding Business & What You Can Outsource

Finding a virtual assistant that fits your unique needs in the wedding industry can be difficult. I can help walk through the process of finding the right virtual assistant, and what you can outsource to make your life easier! I also have two freebies just for this topic, that can be customized for each speaking event.

Signature Talks

How To Prepare Your Business to Outsource

This biggest question I have faced at Ava And The Bee is this: “How do I prep my business to outsource?” When you start to bring on a virtual assistant, or digital marketing team, you will also need to have some prep-work in place. I can cover the top 4 ways to prepare your business, including a Free workbook to walk listeners through it, step-by-step.

Finding Your Niche as a Virtual Assistant

One of the biggest steps you need to take to grow your virtual assistant business is finding a niche. Whether it is niching down in an industry, or niching down your skill-set, it is an essential step to growth. There are many topics I have covered on niching, from how to find the right one, to how to target the right clients using an ideal client avatar.

How To Turn Your Skill Sets Into Services

You have an amazing set of skills.. but how do you turn it into services? One of the biggest topics I discuss in mentorships is turning skills into services. I can walk listeners through the process to turn all the skills they have, into services to offer to clients. 

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