Three Mindset Changes For Becoming a Virtual Assistant

October 9, 2021

Business Tips, Working With Clients

I’m going to let you in a little bit of a secret… a successful VA business isn’t just about programs and tools. And it’s not about how many years you have been in business. OR what degree you have. Just a fun fact – I went to school for textile design. My Bachelors’s is in Fibers. But I have still built multiple successful six figure businesses – so it’s not about your background!

I honestly believe your mindset is 90% of your success.

A negative mindset will only lead to negative results. How you react to clients, different situations positives and negatives will determine your success. 

Most of the time, clients do not ask what your major was in college, or for a resume. Remember, you are a contractor, not an employee, so you do not need a resume. The best part of being a virtual assistant is that you don’t need any prior experience! You can get started now, with the skill sets you have now – and add more services down the road as you learn them.

In my course, The Creative VA Academy Masterclass, this is one of the first steps we cover, before we even dive into creating the business. Why? Because I want to make sure everyone that goes through the course has their mindset ready, before they even think about starting a business!

You are the boss.

One of the hardest mindset shifts to overcome is that boss mentality. Often, virtual assistants come from other jobs, where they had a boss, and rules to follow. But once you become a virtual assistant, something big changes. You are now the boss – and not the employee.

You are now in charge of all of the decisions. From big, to small, they all fall on you! You now have the choice to choose who you work with, and what services you provide. Now, you have to make those large decisions, without help from others.

Run your business with a business mindset. You are not the employee. When you think like an employee, you will feel and believe that you are still inferior to your clients. You will learn to take the lead in your client relationship. as a service provider, you are the expert in your field even if your clients are the expert in theirs.

You need to be self-motivated.

Once you start your own business, there is no one overseeing your work, monitoring your progress, or reminding you of your due date. You, and you alone must get the work done. This was one of the biggest learning curves in my journey to becoming a virtual assistant. I was used to people reminding me of due dates, helping when I had questions, and giving me feedback and advice.

Being self-motivated also means that you continue your education. I am constantly taking new classes, attending new workshops, and learning the newest tips and trends. Constantly learning is a huge key to success. No one wants to hire a remote worker who is behind on the trends!

That is why I offer courses in The Creative VA Academy, to get you ahead of the curve. My most popular course, The Pinterest Elective, will get you from zero to Pinterest Pro in just one week – and get you booking clients with ease!

You need to be proactive.

Clients do not grow on trees (and money doesn’t either!) You need to be proactive. If you are constantly waiting for clients to send you work, you will never grow. You need to make sure you are scheduling calls, or emailing them to get the next task. Stay ahead of trends in your niche industry, so you can offer new services to them before they even ask! Always think one step ahead of your clients.

For example, when Instagram stories started coming out, I made sure all of my clients had branded templates to use. I created a job for myself, to make money, and offered a great service to my clients. To this day, I still help make templates for clients.

Another example is to always be seeking new clients, even if you are booked. At Ava And The Bee, my digital marketing company, we tend to book up 3-4 months in advance. But since I have a waitlist, I am constantly looking for new clients. We have a waitlist for those looking to start our services down the road, and I am emailing this list the minute I have an opening.

Mindset Is Key

By implementing these three mindset shifts, you are able to set your business up for success. Remember, you are now the boss! The ideas, implementation, and decisions are all on you now. But by being self-motivated and proactive, you will be able to grow a business with ease!


The Three Mindset Changes You Need to Make When Becoming a Virtual Assistant | The Creative VA Academy