Myths About Starting Your Creative VA Business, Debunked!

June 6, 2022

Business Tips

Have you heard some myths about starting your creative VA business? Have you had the idea of starting a VA business swirling around in your mind but have you had some doubts? You’re not alone!

There are a lot of myths about starting a VA business flying around out there. It’s my mission to help you debunk these so that if becoming a VA is right for you, you can put these myths to bed once and for all!

You Have To Niche Right Away

While niching down (whether it is niching your services, or niching down your ideal client) is a great way to grow your business, it’s not something you have to do right away! When you first start your Creative VA business, I highly suggest trying out everything. Work with different industries. Oeffer a few different services. This will allow you to see what you love doing, and what you hate doing!

We have had students who wanted to focus on wedding pros, but worked with various industries when they first started, and are always so surprised when they fall in love with a different industry!  It also allows you to see what you are passionate about, and who you want to focus on down the road.

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You Can’t Make As Much as a 9-5 Job

While I can’t promise you that you will be hitting six figures in your first year as a Creative VA, I do know that you can make a good salary as one! Your income will depend on your goals, and how much you need to take home each month. Most new Creative VA’s make around $2500 per month within the first few months. Inside The Creative VA Masterclass, we teach students to start at $30/hour, so that they can start creating profitable packages right away. We also focus on teaching students how to create packages, since this is the most profitable!

For example: If you offer blogging and Pinterest as a service, you can expect to charge around $500 per month for 2 blog posts and monthly management, per client. Of course, this may be higher if you have more experience. In my business, Ava And The Bee we charge $850+ per month, per client.  So you only need a few clients to get started!

Looking for more information on how much you can make as a Creative VA? Check out the blog How To Prep Your Finances!


You can’t do it if you have a 9-5.

One of the myths about starting your Creative VA business that I hear all the time is, that you cant start it alongside your 9-5! I don’t find this to be true. In fact, most students start their Creative VA business while they have a full-time job, or as a full-time stay-at-home parent. You simply have to put in the extra hours to get started. So your first few months might involve working some evenings, or weekends. But soon enough, all of that hard work pays off when you can do this full time!

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You Can’t Invest In Your Business Until You Have Lots of Clients

While I do believe you can start your Creative VA business on a budget, the best investment you will ever make is in yourself! The best way to spend your money is on things that will not just help you start your business, but grow it without stress. Spending hours every day on Google trying to find answers doesn’t get you anywhere! It just makes you even more confused. Instead, learning how to properly set up your business the right way, is so important. That is why I created The Creative VA School, our signature course. It is built to help you take your business from an idea, to booked with clients, with every step outlined for you. No more Googling what to do!

Of course, when you have a program that teaches you each and every step, starting your Creative VA business is a lot less overwhelming. That is why we have The Creative VA School! Inside this course, you learn every single thing you need to know about starting your business, without the overwhelm.

As student Randi says, “Before The Creative VA Academy, I felt overwhelmed by the process of starting my own business. I had no idea where to go and I had no time to research as I had a 3-month-old. The course has sped up the process tremendously of starting my own business. It would have taken me at least 10x as long to learn everything I did with your course. It is so much better to invest your money in a course like The Creative VA Academy than to try to figure it out on your own!.”

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