Get Virtual Assistant Clients Without a Website

September 24, 2019


When I first started virtual assistant work in 2018, I didn’t even have a website! In fact, I booked my first 4 clients before ever making one. And I didn’t even start making a website until I had been working for 3 months!

There are countless other ways to have an online presence, find clients, and start making money before you invest in a website.

Are you not sure where to even start with a website? I have built dozens of websites, from Squarespace to Wix, to WordPress & Showit (what my website is made with!) Not only do I offer a website course inside of The Creative VA Academy School, but I also offer website audits, to walk through your website, and find ways to improve. Contact me, today!


Here are my 5 favorite ways to get clients, without a website!


1. Create a Facebook Page:

While this might seem obvious, having a good business Facebook page for your business is often overlooked. First, make sure you add images that are on-brand with your vision. Then, add the services you offer. Facebook business pages easily let you add services to your page, and showcase what you can offer to clients. Next, invite your friends!

Tip: Once you have a business Facebook page, you are not done yet! Make sure to post at least once a week in it, to engage followers! Some ideas for what to post?

  • A client project you are working on this week.
  • Behind the scenes of your company.
  • Facts about you, your background, or why you are a pro at what you do.

2. Create an Instagram:

This was hands down, the most important piece of my puzzle to get clients. In fact, over 75% of my clients come to me from Instagram! While you don’t need to make a business Instagram right away (although I did) It is important to start sharing your services there.

If you do decide to make a personal Instagram, here are a few tips:

  • Create an engaging Bio, that links to your Business Facebook Page
  • Don’t just share your services and stock photos: make sure to share about you and what you are passionate about!
  • Create a consistent feed. Make sure each image is thought out. Does it capture your viewer’s attention? Will your ideal client notice it? If your ideal client is a mother or parent, share about your family! If your ideal client is a 20-something influencer, make sure to keep your content young and fresh (no heavy texts or overlays!)

3. Create a LinkedIn Profile:

LinkedIn isn’t just for networking! This is a great way to share your background, get endorsements from people you know, and share your services. Start connecting with ideal clients in your industry, and share what services you can provide them.

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4. Network, network, network:

In order to find clients, you need to put yourself out there! This includes going to networking events where your clients may be. Make sure to focus on making connections, not just sales. More often than not, you will not make a sale to every person you meet. But, if you create meaningful connections, it can lead to work! (Keep in mind, all membership fees can be claimed as a business expense!)

Some examples:

  • Rising Tide Society: They have meetups all around the country, and most people who attend are creatives or small business owners (Almost all of my clients attend these monthly meetups!)
  • Check out to find local groups.
  • Chamber of Commerce: Most cities have a Chamber of Commerce, and while it costs money to join, it is the best way to meet local businesses. This is especially great if you are looking for clients in your area!

5. Add to your email signature:

Making a personalized email signature can help spread the word! While you might not think the people you email to daily will need a virtual assistant, they might know someone who does! Add your name, title, and links to your social media.

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