3 Common Client Issues And How To Fix Them

March 28, 2022

Working With Clients

Once you start your Creative VA business, you will start to work with a variety of clients. Some will be smooth sailing! But sometimes, some issues start to arise. Maybe they are late sending content or never email back on time. It can get frustrating! These issues can certainly prevent some people from getting started. They can seem overwhelming if you are not sure how to handle them! That’s why I wanted to cover a few of the most common client issues I know most VA’s encounter and a few tips on how to handle them!

Client Issue #1: You have a client that doesn’t communicate well.

You might have a client who is not clear with their content and doesn’t answer your questions fully. And this can be frustrating!

This might just be a bad client, or they might just need you to be clear that communication is essential to working together! Let them know you are not a mind reader and need them to have input in order for things to work.

Here is an example of an email you could send. This will help you get on the same page with your client.

“Hey, client! I am noticing that there have been some communication issues popping up. As a reminder, I will need feedback in order to create the best content for you. In order for due dates to be met, and to prevent project due dates from being pushed back, I’ll need to hear back within 48 hours. Please let me know if this will be an issue!”

Clearly outline communication in your contract. Also in any welcome packets or guides, they get.

“All work must be given by the due dates provided. If the Client does not give the items required by the due date, and the item is not able to be completed on time, the Client is still responsible for all payments for that project or service, even if not completed. Service Provider is guaranteed all payments. Even if the client does not provide the required work.”

Client Issue #2: Your client never sends work on time!

If you are finding a client is constantly not sending work on time, it’s time to reinforce your boundaries.

Send them an email restarting the boundaries:

“As you know, per our contract, we require content by [date here] of each month. In the last few months, content has been late. The result is pushed back due dates and delayed content. In order for us to stick to the deadlines, we will need to receive content by [date here].”

This is why you need this outlined in your contract!

Ex: Work must be provided by the due dates provided. If the Client does not submit the items required by the due date, and the item cannot be completed on time, Client is still responsible for all payments for the project or service, even if not completed. Even if the client does not provide the required work.

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Client Issue #3: Everything is on fire + it’s always an emergency!

So, we have all had this happen. A client emails us that something is so urgent, and you need to stop everything. Only to find that the issue is small and can be handled by the client themselves.

First, remember that you are a contracted worker – not an employee. Running emergencies is NOT your responsibility. If their business is on fire, it is up to them to put it out – not you.

This is a tip I learned from Shanna Skidmore. Do not respond to urgent matters right away.

Oftentimes, these are matters that the client can handle on their own. Wait 30 minutes before responding. More often than not, the client will have resolved the issue on their own.

You don’t actually need to rush unless something is urgent, like a compromised website, which you built.

This also allows you to think of a solution. So when you respond and they need some more assistance, you have an answer. This will also ensure that the client has cooled down a little, and will be less likely to take out their frustration on you.

How to handle common client issues

My biggest tip? Setting boundaries! While setting boundaries with a client can seem uncomfortable, it is one of the most important parts of running a business. You need to have these set before you start working with a client – before they ever even sign a contract! Many of these client issues can be solved with items in your contract and by setting the boundaries before you start working together.

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